Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyerIf you haven’t yet spoken to the other driver or their insurance company, before you inadvertently say something to damage your motorcycle accident claim, call Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer Lee Gaber at 888-292-5352 .

motorcycle accident lawyer pennsylvania attorneyPennsylvania Motorcycle accident lawyer Lee Gaber isn’t just an advocate who has successfully handled thousands of Pennsylvania motorcycle settlements. This lawyer is a long time rider who is active in the biker community. Serving all counties throughout PA, means that regardless of where you live in Pennsylvania, we will come to you, and as always, there is never a charge for your initial motorcycle accident consultation.

Why Lee Gaber is Your Best Bet for a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in PA

motorcycle accident lawyer Bucks County PennsylvaniaMotorcycle accident attorneys protect your rights. We are there to buffer you from the tactics of the insurance companies, whose goal is to pay you as little as possible for your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident. Conversely, a motorcycle accident lawyer is going to maximize that payout! Since beginning his law practice in 1991, Lee sought to combine his passion for riding with his profession as a lawyer and soon thereafter “The Cycle Attorney” was born. The Law Firm of Lee Gaber has successfully handled thousands of Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claims and recovered tens of millions of dollars for his clients.

Protect your rights with a motorcycle accident lawyer who is experienced and a rider! Lee is an experienced motorcycle lawyer who has a unique perspective of Pennsylvania motorcycle injury law. “The Cycle Attorney” can frequently be seen with his wife Amy on their 2002 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic participating in many Pennsylvania charity motorcycle rides.

A Motorcycle Accident Claim is Not the Same as a Lawsuit

motorcycle accident lawyer Montgomery County PAContacting the Pennsylvania motorcycle accident law firm of Lee Gaber does not mean you are looking to sue. It means you are being smart about having a level-headed representative who knows the ropes to make sure you are being treated fairly when making an insurance claim. Motorcycle lawyers involved in accident claims do not mean they automatically become motorcycle accident lawsuits; they become accident settlements! Call 1-888-292-5352 and I’ll discuss the details.

Even a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claim, where liability for the motorcycle accident seems clear, insurance companies will often attempt to assign a percentage of negligence to the biker who suffered the personal injury, sometimes with false allegations that reckless driving or speeding led to the motorcycle accident. Hiring motorcycle accident attorney Lee Gaber for a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claim can help you deal with those tactics.

We can help you if you have you have been in a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania as a result of:

  • Negligence of another driver
  • Defective motorcycle
  • Unsafe roadway

A Pennsylvania Motorcycle Lawyer to Recover Pain and Suffering Damages

motorcycle accident lawyer Delaware County PAUpon deciding to focus on Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents Lee quickly became known as the biker lawyer to go to when you have been involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Because we only focus on being motorcycle accident lawyers, we are able to limit our practice to help those who have been seriously injured, thereby ensuring that each and every client gets the personal attention they deserve. So when you need a motorcycle lawyer for pain and suffering, give Lee a call at 1-888-292-5352 .

Help With Property Damage to Your Bike and Gear

motorcycle accident lawyer Chester County PAOnce you hire me as your cycle attorney, I will handle every aspect of your claim, beginning with the repair of your bike and ending with the final distribution of the compensation you receive for the injuries you have suffered. Since I ride, I speak your language when talking about successfully getting your bike fixed to your exact specifications! I am a leader among motorcycle accident lawyers involving property damage. My clients have realized the huge difference between an attorney who merely throws some pictures on their website, calling themselves a motorcycle accident lawyer, and the Law offices of Lee D. Gaber. You will too. Lee rides, and practices only motorcycle accident law!

There is never a fee unless we win your case!

It costs the same to get an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to protect your rights as it does to get one that is inexperienced or doesn’t focus on motorcycle accidents. Consultations are always free. So hire the most experienced, and focused solely on motorcycle accidents, lawyer in Pennsylvania – Lee D. Gaber, Esquire. Call 1-888-cycle-law — right now!

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