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DWI / DUI in Pennsylvania

Given that riding season is finally in bloom, I want to touch on the topic of DWI/DUI as many riders will end up at destinations where alcohol is being served.   I feel that it is my duty to inform all of you that the penalties for DUI/DWI are getting harsher and more expensive every year. Though I have written on this topic in the past, it again merits discussion given the .08 limit in most every state.  For many of us, this means that two beers or drinks in rapid succession will put us very close to the limit, especially if not ingested with food.  While the penalties for a .08 to a .10 may not be terrible in some states, especially if it’s your first offense, two beers often leads to three or four and that’s when we start getting into trouble. The penalties for driving under the … [Read more...]

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