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PA Helmet Laws & Suggested Protection

Even though it has been many years since the helmet law in PA has been repealed, this issue isn’t going away any time soon. Current Pennsylvania law allows a licensed operator who is over 21 and has 2 years of riding experience and/or has completed the motorcycle safety course, to ride without a helmet. The law is once again under attack in PA, as several congressmen are in the process of preparing a bill to rescind the law. Truthfully, I am not familiar enough with the current crop of legislators to know whether this bill will pass, but given the conservative nature of the legislature, any Pennsylvania motorcycle accident injury lawyer would not be surprised if PA will once again require all motorcyclists to wear a helmet. For more information on this I suggest you contact your local … [Read more...]

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Choosing a Motorcycle to Suit You

This month’s column is about choosing the best motorcycle to fit your needs. Selecting the right bike might just help keep you out of a situation where you need a motorcycle lawyer! I recently came across an article which talks about choosing the best motorcycle and in giving their advice, they broke it down into the following criteria; Consider Your Needs The author advises that you assess the practice of your riding; will you be riding in heavy traffic, long distances or only on weekends? For instance, if you are looking for a weekend toy, you might be tolerant of a sleek, but uncomfortable bike. However, if you plan on using your motorcycle to take you to work each day, you will need comfort, storage and durability. Choose a Bike that Fits Your Body Because of … [Read more...]

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Big Brother is Watching

Not long ago, I received a video-tape showing a client’s accident as it took place. The video came from a bank surveillance camera and was obtained by the police who investigated the accident. The video wasn’t much help because it was shot from too far away to show who was at fault, but it proved what I have suspected for many years, that many of our actions are being recorded by security cameras without our knowledge or consent. While hoping not to sound too paranoid, I actually assume that when I am in a commercial area, I am being recorded. Although I don’t change my behavior, this “invasion of privacy” has become a reality. Making matters worse, rarely does a day goes by that we don’t read about some company tracking our movements through our computers, GPS systems or cell … [Read more...]

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