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Does it pay to shop around for the best deal on motorcycle insurance?

I am often asked; “Does it pay to shop around for the best deal on motorcycle insurance”? As such, I did some motorcycle accident insurance rates investigation, comparing my insurance costs against three of the leading motorcycle insurance carriers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; Rider, GEICO and Progressive. I gave all of my information to these companies and requested quotes for two coverage amounts; the minimum amounts required; and the amounts which I currently have, 250/500 in liability and 250/500 in uninsured and underinsured motorist benefits. The results were as follows: Rider quoted $272 a year for the 250/500 level, which was the least expensive quote for this amount of coverage. At 15/30, Rider quoted $185 but it included 15/30 in uninsured and underinsured … [Read more...]

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No Fault Accident Motorcycle Medical Bill Payment

Although discussed in prior columns, lately I have been repeatedly asked; “If I am involved in a motorcycle accident that is 100% the other persons fault why am I, or my insurance company, responsible for the medical bills?” Although I know the answer and the reason behind it, every time I respond to this question, the answer seems to make less sense to me and more often than not, it never makes sense to the injured party. The simple answer is that Pennsylvania is a “No-Fault” state, which literally means that no matter who is at fault, the injured party is responsible for their own medical bills. Although this has long been the law, many people, including some doctor’s offices, assume that the other insurance company will pay. Occasionally, the other insurance company may even say … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Accident in PA – Which County Is Best for Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

With virtually every new Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claim my law office takes in, at some point there is a discussion about if and when we are forced to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit, which county would be the best for a motorcycle accident in PA case to be filed? Most clients, after hearing my typical motorcycle lawyer speech about which counties will return the highest verdict for someone injured in a motorcycle accident in PA, understand that in Pennsylvania, the best counties to file a lawsuit are generally Philadelphia and Alleghany counties and in New Jersey, generally, most of the northern counties, given their proximity to New York, usually return the highest verdicts. However, the law generally restricts where we are allowed to file suit in a motorcycle accident in … [Read more...]

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Avoiding Pennsylvania Motorcycle “Insurance Tragedies”

As I enter into my twenty-second year of practice, I have begun to accept the new reality that it is more difficult, and takes longer, to settle claims in 2012 than it did in the 1990’s. Forgetting for a moment that most insurance companies have fewer adjusters handling more Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claims, the biggest changes I have witnessed are 1) an increase in the number of insurance policies that no longer contain uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits 2) the increased number of clients who no longer have any form of health insurance and 3) more vehicles are now carrying only the minimum insurance limits required by law. Read Motorcycle personal injury lawyers discussion on how motorcycle accident differ from car accidents. These issues seem to be related because … [Read more...]

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