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Motorcycle Accident Victims vs General Injury Health Insurance Issues

Pennsylvania motorcycle injury lawyers hear this question time and again: "Does my health insurance policy discriminate against injuries of motorcycle accident victims vs. general injuries or illnesses?" The answer depends on the specific policy, the coverages you have chosen and what state the policy originates in. Most BlueCross BlueShield and/or HMO policies do not discriminate against motorcycle accident victims and will pay for all or most of the care resulting from a motorcycle accident. Deductibles and co-pays vary widely from policy to policy, therefore I suggest that everyone familiarize themselves with their specific deductibles, not only for their primary doctor and specialist, but also for emergency room, out-patient and in-patient hospital stays. In-patient deductibles … [Read more...]

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Fully Insured or Fully Covered? Motorcycle Accident Cases

When a potential client first contacts me to represent them in motorcycle accident cases as their Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, after they describe how their motorcycle accident occurred, I ask them about their insurance policy. The typical response I get is… “I have full coverage”!, confident that this means that they are fully covered for any loss suffered. Unfortunately, when I follow up with; • How much liability coverage do you have? • Do you have Comprehensive and Collision coverage? • Do you have medical coverage on your motorcycle policy? and most importantly; • Do you have uninsured/underinsured coverage on your policy and if so, in what amounts? Most clients are unable to answer these questions and often are extremely disappointed to learn that … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

As many of you know our Pennsylvania motorcycle accident law firm has focused its practice on handling motorcycle accident cases for over twenty years and although we strive to take cases where the liability is clear, there are certain cases where although the liability may be clear to us, it is not clear to the insurance company. As a result, we are often forced to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit against the at fault vehicle. We do this primarily for two reasons; 1) because the offer the insurance company is making is too low based upon their version of liability and/or 2) an out right denial of liability. Depending on the facts, we then retain an expert at motorcycle accident reconstruction, called a reconstructionist, to help us put together a report which lays out, in … [Read more...]

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Motorcycles, Mini-cycles and ATVs

This week I am going to deviate from my typical motorcycle accident articles to talk about your children and cycles. Given the increased popularity of motorcycles these days, it's not surprising to see the proliferation of the so-called "mini-cycles" and ATV's. This being the case, like me, I'm sure many of you have had requests by your children to purchase one of these so our kids can be like Mom, or Dad! As such, after several weeks of begging I gave in and bought my son a 4-wheeler. Although I have forbidden my son to ride the 4-wheeler in the street, I am seeing many of the "mini-motorcycles" and ATV's being driven in the street. Unfortunately, like many activities which are "fun", these cycles come with considerable risks to the riders whether they are driven on road or off. In … [Read more...]

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