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Motorcycle Accident Law – “Stacking” Insurance

"Stacking" only an issue when you have two insurance companies To avoid any ongoing confusion, I would like to update information on the law in Pennsylvania which requires insurance companies to offer uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and, depending on the situation, to offer the ability to “stack” these coverages. In other words, if you have more than one vehicle on a single policy of insurance, you are entitled to double or triple (“stack”) the amount of UM/UIM benefits available, depending on the number of vehicles you own. The only way to give up this right is to sign a waiver indicating that you wish to reject the ability to stack the coverages. If you have signed these waivers of “stacking” then the prohibition on stacking the coverages, whether your vehicles are … [Read more...]

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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Fees

As most of you are aware, we do not charge anything for a motorcycle accident lawyer consultation, or New Jersey consultation, unless we are successful in obtaining a recovery for pain and suffering caused by a motorcycle accident. Just to be clear, we do not charge for mail, making or taking telephone calls, photocopies, faxing, storage fees or many of the other “junk” fees that most other attorneys charge when they distribute your settlement. By the way, most of these charges by other Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyers are taken out of your share of the motorcycle accident settlement, quite often leaving you, the client, with less money than the motorcycle accident attorney – and you are the one who hired the motorcycle accident attorney in the first place! Your … [Read more...]

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