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Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer Arbitration

A little while back, after I had just finished a grueling binding high-low arbitration on behalf of one of my clients, I received a call from a potential client wanting me to be his motorcycle accident lawyer, representing him for a serious motorcycle accident injury. He was on his way to work, traveling his usual route, and as he approached a cul de sac street on his right, another driver, while stopped at a stop sign “didn’t see him” and pulled out directly in front of him to make a left, to go back toward the direction he was coming from. As a result my client steered to the left as far as he could but unfortunately was unable to avoid the front of the other vehicle and both he and his motorcycle came crashing to the ground. This caused him to sustain serious injuries to his arm, … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Accident Claims Handling

As the winter months arrive, and for many riders the season comes to an end, generally the quantity of new calls we get from those who’ve been involved in NJ or PA motorcycle accidents, also slows down. However, inasmuch as our office has been representing motorcycle riders for well over twenty years, we still get calls from new clients who ride on the warmer days. Unfortunately for any number of reasons, they have been involved in a motorcycle accident and are searching for a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent them. We also get calls from those who have been in a motorcycle accident in the last three to eighteen months and, regardless of the severity of their injuries, they have decided to “handle their motorcycle claim on their own”. What most of these clients … [Read more...]

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PA Motorcycle Accident Attorney on Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence relates to your own responsibility in a motorcycle accident, in comparison to the defendants responsibility. Your PA motorcycle accident attorney will argue on your behalf to keep comparative negligence to a minimum, so the court will establish a greater percentage of liability for your PA motorcycle accident to the other party. The percentage of liability determines the percentage of the resulting damages each party is responsible for. In Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawsuits brought to recover damages for negligence resulting in a motorcycle accident death or personal injury, the plaintiff may be found guilty of comparative negligence. If the amount is 10% of fault, then the defendant is responsible for 90% payment of damages. The personal injury … [Read more...]

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