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When Motorcycle Personal Injury Attorneys Have to Defend You

You have been injured in a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own. A motorcycle personal injury attorney was hired and has forced the insurance company to settle your claim in an amount that was much larger than they initially offered you. Great, you've won! You may have a long road to recovery left to travel, but in time you will be okay, because your motorcycle accident medical bills have been paid, and your bike is restored. But then you get a notice from your health insurance company. They want you to pay them a substantial sum in order to reimburse them for the accident-related medical bills they paid on your behalf. Adding insult to injury, is the relatively new concept of “Subrogation.” This is when your own health insurance company pays your medical bills, then … [Read more...]

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Motorcycles and the Economy

Inasmuch as I am considered a motorcycle accident lawyer throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, I am always on the look out in local magazines and newspapers for articles that are written about motorcycles and how the economy has affected the motorcycle business. As most of you know, the motorcycle business was hit pretty hard between 2008 and 2011 and has just recently begun to rebound. While reading the small business section contained in our local newspaper, I came upon an article entitled “Local start up ready for the next chapter”. This was a story about a retailer named, which is in the process of moving its main headquarters from South Philadelphia to a site along Delaware Avenue, which will not only be larger, but will allow it to sell and produce … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Crash Lawyer’s Summary of Motorcycle Accident Costs

Every morning before I begin my day, I scan several newspapers and periodicals for articles that may be of interest to my clients and readers. Today I came across an article written by Joan Lowy of the Associated Press which was in the Philadelphia Inquirer and was titled “Cycle Crash Health Cost Gauged at $16 Billion”. The article went on to state that the direct cost from death and injuries due to motorcycle accidents were $16 billion in 2010, but that the full costs are likely higher because long term medical expenses are difficult to measure, a government report said. The motorcycle crash summary article further stated that cyclists are involved in fatal motorcycle accidents at a much higher rate then drivers of other types of vehicles, and are thirty times more likely to die … [Read more...]

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