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Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits and Underinsured Motorists

Given the severity of most of my client’s injuries, once they hire us as their motorcycle accident attorney, they expect our office to do everything we can to recover the maximum settlement possible. As such, when the other party’s insurance carrier is being unreasonable in a motorcycle accident settlement, we file a motorcycle accident lawsuit against the person who caused the accident and also against your own insurance company – for underinsured motorist benefits. Recently in Allegheny County, in the case of Stepanovich v. McGraw and State Farm Insurance Company, this is exactly what happened. State Farm was being unreasonable in their attempts to settle the case with Mr. Stepanovich but because Pennsylvania does not allow any references to any insurance company during a jury … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Accident Injury in a Storage Facility

Within the last year, I received a call from a motorcycle accident injury client in South Jersey while he was lying in the hospital after having undergone surgery for a severe spiral/compound fracture in his leg. We set up an appointment to visit him in the hospital so we could get the full story and take photographs of the external fixators which were implanted in to his leg to hold the multiple pieces of his tibia/fibia fracture in place. When I asked why he was contacting a motorcycle accident attorney, he filled me in on the details. He advised that he was out on his bike after a day of riding and was taking it back to the storage facility where he garages it. When he finished with the details of how the motorcycle accident injury occurred, we made plans to meet at the … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Without the protection of a steel cage around you, traveling at 60 mph can be exhilarating! It can also cause some serious motorcycle accident injuries to your body – but it usually only dampens your enthusiasm for riding until the injuries heal. Motorcycle accidents can be much more devastating to your body than car accidents. As an expert Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, I am involved in motorcycle injury settlements for the following common motorcycle accident injuries time after time: Broken arms, shoulder tears, leg and pelvic fractures seem to be the common types of broken bone injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents. Broken fingers, fractured wrists or knees, and spinal fractures are less common but can lead to permanent disability or even paralysis. It is … [Read more...]

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Social Media and Motorcycle Accident Cases

It’s amazing how in the last five years, much of the initial communication to my Pennsylvania motorcycle accident law firm, from my clients, is taking place via social media and e-mail. Every time we get calls from potential clients for motorcycle accident cases we tell them to strictly use email from their computers to communicate with us and to stay off social media sites. Most of my clients suffer severe injuries, and a large percentage use their computers to document and memorialize their injuries, and also to locate a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, or a New Jersey motorcycle attorney. As a motorcycle accident lawyer, I warn my clients about the dangers of social media use before motorcycle accident cases are resolved, because the law firms that are hired by the … [Read more...]

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