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Bucks County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

I just got back from a motion court hearing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania which stemmed from a deposition relating to a Bucks County motorcycle accident wherein my client was rear-ended by another party, who was driving an antique Mercedes. A deposition, for those of you who don’t know, is basically a recorded question and answer session. Your motorcycle accident lawyer is present along with the attorney representing the insurance company, and a court reporter is taking down the questions that are being asked and the answers that are given. Although a deposition is basically “fact-finding”, before the deposition takes place, written and certified answers to questions have already been sent to the other attorney and generally all of the client’s medical records, bills ands … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Accident Compensation: Structured Settlements Windfall or Curse?

Many of you already know that after 20+ years as a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer representing bikers and handling thousands of motorcycle accident claims, I have distributed millions of dollars to clients ranging from the age of 16 to 80. Often, depending obviously on the severity of the injuries, the amount of money distributed for motorcycle accident compensation can easily run into the six and even seven figures. When this happens, the question becomes, "do I have a fiduciary duty to a young client, who may be entitled to a check for $250,000, or even $1,000,000 to make sure they are not going to run out and buy a Ferrari?". The simple answer is, unless that individual has been judged incompetent by the Court, then I do not have any such duty in PA or NJ, to … [Read more...]

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Drivewise: “Big Brother” Is Watching

Recently I received a 6 x 8 inch postcard advertising Allstate’s version of a device originated by Progressive, called Snapshot. Allstate calls its device “Drivewise”. It’s a solicitation requesting that I change my insurance to Allstate and request this magical device that is going to shrink my insurance rates up to 60%, if I accept their offer. While this may seem like a generous offer, I can assure you that if Allstate and Progressive are offering this program, it won’t be long before the rest of the major insurance companies will offer their own program, under the guise of saving us money. Then it won’t be long until they figure out a way to attach these types of devices to our motorcycles. I want to make sure all of you understand exactly what is going on here. In my … [Read more...]

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Most Valuable Motorcycles

Recently while surfing the net, I came across an article on the Yahoo Finance section entitled ”Most Valuable Motorcycles”. The article stated that there are three main factors which determine any motorcycles value. rarity (how many where initially produced compared to how many are left today) innovation (was this vehicle a technological breakthrough when it debuted) and whether it had a successful race history (which always increases value). Based upon these criteria, according to Carl Brauer, Editor and Chief of Total Car Score, the following are the five most valuable motorcycle’s available; 1. 1948 Vincent Black Lightning Prototype This 1948 prototype is also known as "Bathing Suit Bike." It was named that because while wearing only a helmet, swim trunks … [Read more...]

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