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Motorcycle Injury Law Firm Case Study

Imagine you just retired and you are riding your customized Harley when a young lady from Philadelphia who is lost, makes a left hand turn directly in front of your motorcycle, causing a collision. You fly over her car, landing on the street, causing you to breaking several ribs, fracture your vertebrae and literally rip your rotator cuff off in half to the point where you can no longer lift your arm from the side of your body. Time to call a motorcycle injury law firm. As you can imagine, the police, fire rescue and ambulance came and immediately transported my client to the emergency room where he remained for three nights while they relocated his torn and dislocated shoulder causing pain that you can only imagine. Unfortunately the re-location of his shoulder did nothing to … [Read more...]

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Accident Injury Lawyer – Motorcycle and Auto Accidents

As most of you know our practice focuses on handling motorcycle accidents, wherein our clients have been involved in a motorcycle collision and believe it is in their best interest to hire an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer. However, I have had many clients over the past twenty years who were originally involved in a motorcycle accident and now are involved in an auto accident and call me wanting to know whether I handle automobile accidents. The simple answer to this questions is… "of course we handle automobile accidents". I am an accident injury lawyer, who has seen enough of both sides of the coin to help you as a plaintiff. Recently I had a client come back to me, for I believe the third time, who was recently involved in an automobile accident in New Jersey. The … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Before finding ourselves in a position of looking for a motorcycle accident attorney on the internet, perhaps it would help all of us if we spent five to ten minutes checking out our motorcycles for safety concerns, especially with spring just around the corner, before we hop on for the initial “spring ride”. As a seasoned Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, I always question my clients about their particular motorcycle when they call in after being involved in a motorcycle collision. Depending on how the collision occurred, I ask them to send me photographs of their motorcycle, including photographs which depict the front of their motorcycle. Not only do these photographs help me assess liability for the accident, but they are often helpful when trying to settle the case … [Read more...]

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Free Consultation Lawyers

These days if you have been involved in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident, your friends or acquaintances are going to tell you that you should hire a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. You might hesitate for a number of reasons, including your belief of the cost of lawyers. Did you know that we are free consultation lawyers for your Pennsylvania or NJ motorcycle accident? Most people don't deal with lawyers on a regular basis, and running jokes about corporate lawyers and their cost to clients pervade the public perception. For all intents and purposes, you can get free legal advice about your motorcycle accident! Here is your first piece of free legal advice: You should limit any conversation with lawyers or insurance agents/adjusters representing the … [Read more...]

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Settlement v. The Jury – Which is Best?

As your motorcycle accident attorney, it is our job to collect all of the evidence of your damages, preparing for the possibility of going before a the jury for a verdict from the onset. The evidence of damages includes your lost wages, damages to your motorcycle and any personal property, evidence of permanent disability, records documenting your medical treatment and rehabilitation, and certainly evidence of your present and future pain and suffering, as well as photos depicting the injuries and any resulting scars. For this reason, pictures of all injuries, and scars should be saved. Once we have collected and summarized all of your motorcycle accident related damages, we then send a demand package to the insurance company in hopes of a motorcycle accident … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Injury Settlements and Accuracy of Medical Records

Over the last 20+ years, my Pennsylvania motorcycle accident law firm has reviewed thousands of demand packages, which normally include the accident report, injury and scene photos, medical records and bills, wage loss information and any other information that is generated when a motorcycle collision occurs, so we may proceed with motorcycle injury settlements. In many cases there is no problem. The police report is done properly, and if there are witnesses present a statement is taken, and more than often, it is correct. The problems come when the police officers don’t fill out the police report accurately or in some cases, due to the severity of my client’s injuries, they aren’t able to get a statement and the police report ends up one-sided. Those types of problems are easily … [Read more...]

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