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Motorcycle Personal Injury Settlements: Negotiated, Trial, or Mock Jury

Many of you have heard me say, in my prior posts, that there are generally two ways to resolve a case. One is an outright motorcycle personal injury settlement wherein we submit all the medical records, reports, bills, etc. to the insurance company and we reach an agreement on an amount that will adequately compensate my client for his/her pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and any liens. That is known as a negotiated settlement. The other traditional way is, if my motorcycle accident client and I cannot reach an agreement with the insurance carrier on a number that everyone is satisfied with, then a motorcycle accident lawsuit is filed against the individual who caused the motorcycle accident. Generally clients prefer an amicable personal injury settlement to … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Crash UM / UIM Coverage

I know that I have written on this topic of motorcycle crash uninsured/underinsured coverage many times before but it seems like many clients are still lacking the necessary uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. I recently received a phone call from a potential client who asked me to be their Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer. Her husband was hurt very badly in a motorcycle crash and currently remains in the critical care unit of a downtown Philadelphia hospital. It appears as though he was struck by a vehicle whose driver stopped only to look at him lying in the road and then, unfortunately, like many drivers in Philadelphia, fled the scene, leaving my client lying helplessly in the street. The call I received from the wife was a little frantic, but she knew for … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Insurance Laws and Coverage Pennsylvania

This past weekend we did a motorcycle show in Northampton known as the “Spring Thaw Rendezvous”. It was a beautiful day and as such it was very well attended. We set up our Pennsylvania motorcycle law firm booth and gave away all types of free motorcycle related materials including kickstand plates, bottle openers, pens, magnets, etc. It also gave us the opportunity to meet some clients we have never met before and to say hello to some old clients. The following morning I gave a short lecture on Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance laws and coverage at Indian Valley H.O.G. which is the chapter associated with Dean’s Harley Davidson in Sellersville, PA. The officers of the club had invited me to speak because, as an experienced Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney, I am able to … [Read more...]

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