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Insurance Companies Use Trained Negotiators for Cycle Claims

Negotiation is both an art and a skill, and insurance companies are well aware that having trained negotiators will work to their benefit. This is especially true when they are talking about cycle claims with someone who is frazzled from having been injured in a motorcycle accident, and is probably not aware that a sophisticated game of words begins as soon as the conversation starts. You want to be honest and truthful about what happened in your motorcycle accident, but caution is advised in all conversations with insurance company representatives. As a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney who has negotiated all types of cycle claims over many years, I can give you a heads up about where to be careful. What Tactics Do They Employ in Cycle Claims? Timing will be attempted to … [Read more...]

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Interesting Motorcycle Facts: the Dynamics of Riding

Among all motorcycle facts, the primary and most basic one is that motorcycles have only two wheels and are unable to stand up on their own. This sets motorcycles apart from cars and other vehicles that travel on three or more wheels. The need to balance and the forces involved in riding a motorcycle come into play every time we hop onto our bikes. Motorcycle facts dictate that the bike only stays upright when steered to keep the center of mass over the wheels. Steering, and therefore balance, is accomplished by the rider. Forces of Motorcycle Riding A series of powerful forces apply when we start to ride. Gravity pulls downward, friction happens between the road and the tires, and centrifugal force exerts to the outside when turning. When negotiating a turn, we need to lean over … [Read more...]

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Getting Back to Riding after Motorcycle Crashes

When motorcycle crashes suspend your ability to get out on a bike, it's more than just transportation; it's a way of life that you are missing. Any Pennsylvania motorcycle rider knows that the experience of riding a motorcycle has more to it than what meets the eye. As an experienced Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, I will help you to secure the resources you need to recover from your injuries and get back to riding as soon as possible. I have worked with clients over many years and have assisted them in their recovery process from all types of motorcycle crashes. My office takes a comprehensive look at your case, and we make sure to review all the details and circumstances involved in your accident in order to negotiate for you and to represent you expertly and … [Read more...]

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Should You File Motorcycle Injury Claims Yourself?

While it is possible to handle motorcycle injury claims yourself, you will find that working with a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer provides many advantages and gives you a significantly improved chance of receiving a successful recovery amount from your accident. You assume no risk in hiring a motorcycle accident attorney. Your consultation is completely free, and you pay nothing unless either a successful motorcycle accident settlement is reached or a judgment is won for you. If I take your case, you know I feel you have a great chance of winning because I don't make any money unless you do. Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Relieve Your Stress In the period of time following an accident, as you deal with your injuries and the shock from the accident, you don't need the … [Read more...]

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