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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

Let’s face facts: Motorcycles are dangerous machines, and suffering an accident can be devastating to both you and your loved ones. When you make motorcycle accident insurance claims, you need an expert on your side. I am a motorcycle accident lawyer, Pennsylvania born and raised, who is available for support when you or someone you love is in need of help after a serious motorcycle injury. The injured rider’s family and loved ones often suffer from frayed nerves and have trouble coping with the life-changing nature of a serious Pennsylvania motorcycle accident. I will take the time to thoroughly review your motorcycle accident claim and secure, for you, the help you need for your injuries – both physical and emotional. Motorcycle Accident Injury Can Result in Loss of Income In … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Injury Lawsuit Settlements

When most of my new clients desire to retain a motorcycle accident attorney, they do so because they want an attorney who has handled thousands of motorcycle accident injury lawsuit settlements and has the tools and the know-how to ultimately move the case toward a quick and efficient settlement. Sounds reasonable, and for my firm, which has been handling motorcycle accident cases since 1991, it usually is. The reason we are able to resolve cases quickly with a fair motorcycle injury settlement is a combination of experience and legal know how, which puts us in a unique position to settle serious motorcycle accident claims. I often tell new clients that his or her case is not our first rodeo and as such we know exactly who to contact to ensure that the medical bills get paid, … [Read more...]

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