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Teen Motorcycle Riders Must Pass PA Motorcycle Safety Course

In 2012, Pennsylvania passed a law requiring all teens to who want to ride a motorcycle to first complete a PA motorcycle safety course. Act 84 of the PA. M.V.F.R.L. requires riders who are seeking a motorcycle license to first complete Pennsylvania’s basic motorcycle safety class. The course is free and is offered all over the state by qualified motorcycle safety instructors. I actually completed the PA motorcycle safety course myself sometime in the 90’s, and was required to basically be covered from head to toe in a full face D.O.T. approved helmet and gloves. However, the course is free and they do supply the bike. As a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney, I will say that I enjoyed the class and find myself actually thinking about the instructions I learned, such as looking … [Read more...]

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Advantages of Hiring a Specialized Biker Attorney

The first benefit of a dedicated biker attorney law firm is individual personalized attention. While large firms can offer the services of many different lawyers, they simply don’t place as much emphasis on any individual case unless it is “high profile”. A high profile case involving a celebrity, for example, and a "name" attorney as defense counsel, may cause a situation in which a large firm will devote extra attention and care for the media exposure. These types of high profile cases are, of course, a far cry from an injury case where someone wants to recover just compensation for their injuries. The concerns of a large firm grow beyond individual cases, and they will often reject cases that a biker attorney like me, who became a motorcycle accident attorney to help individuals … [Read more...]

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