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Motor Cycle Accidents and the Affordable Care Act

Over the last several years of writing my column on motor cycle accidents, insurance coverage issues, and the law, I have bitched and moaned on a number of occasions about insufficient liability coverage, and as a result, insufficient uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. Pennsylvania law only allows you to buy UM/UIM coverage equal to or lower than the amount of your limits of liability coverage (so if you bought $15,000/$30,000.00 in liability coverage, that is all you can purchase in UM/UIM coverage). The only way you can have more UM/UIM coverage than liability is if you have more than one bike on the policy and purchase the stacking option, which is something I always recommend as a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer – even if you only have one bike. Insurance … [Read more...]

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A Montgomery County Motorcycle Attorney Gives Back

Just a couple of weeks ago, I put together a list of Pennsylvania charity rallies and rides that were coming up in the spring and summer. The first two rides are just around the corner and I wanted to give you all a bit more information about these great events so you could check them out if you are interested. As a Montgomery County motorcycle attorney and an avid rider, I am a lover of Pennsylvania’s beautiful countryside, and of the feeling of freedom that comes from hitting the road. I am also committed to helping others whenever I can. These April events offer two of the first chances this year to get that great wind-in-your-face exhilaration. They are also great opportunities to give something back to those in need, or to support the police officers who put their lives on the … [Read more...]

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