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Don’t Hit the Road Without Your PA Motorcycle License

According to recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, thousands of riders in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania may be operating their motorcycles without a proper PA motorcycle license. As a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, and as a long-time rider myself, I cannot implore you strongly enough to secure a valid license (and adequate insurance) before you get on your bike. There are serious legal and safety concerns at stake. Consequences for riding without your PA motorcycle license Unlicensed or invalidly licensed riders are, for a variety of reasons, much more likely to be in motorcycle accidents than members of almost any other vehicle operator groups. And the bad news does not stop there. Aside from being in an especially high-risk group … [Read more...]

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Concussion? Hire a Motorcycle Personal Injury Claim Lawyer

A concussion is more than just a bump on the head A head injury sustained in a motorcycle accident is often much more serious than it appears at first. Because many of the symptoms are ambiguous, or do not present immediately, it is not uncommon for victims to sustain a fairly serious concussion without realizing it – especially if they were wearing a helmet. As a result some sufferers do not even seek medical treatment, much less the services of a qualified motorcycle personal injury claim lawyer. As a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney who is also an enthusiastic rider, it is more than just my job to help you fight for justice regarding the medical bills, lost wages and other expenses to which you are entitled – it is my passion. Motorcycle personal injury claim lawyers will … [Read more...]

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