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Another Reminder to Stack Your Motorcycle Insurance to the Fullest Extent PA Motorcycle Law Allows

Great liability coverage is not enough Let me tell you a story about a recent case of mine, where taking the fullest advantage of PA motorcycle law regarding “stacking.” In this case the stacking of insurance coverage would have paid huge dividends for my client, had they fully understood the law. I recently represented a client who had purchased insurance through State Farm for his bike and autos, as well as a personal umbrella policy. My regular readers will note that I’ve written more than once about the advantages of stacking insurance coverage. Those of you who have attended my lectures will remember that I have placed my reputation as a long time PA motorcycle accident attorney on the line to promote the motorcycle coverage of one insurance company in particular, State Farm. … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Testimonials

"I was referred to Mr. Gaber's office through a prior client of his. With my friend being so satisfied, I called Lee myself. I'm extremely happy I did. Lee, as well as his assistant Tammy, was very helpful. There were several times I would be, maybe too much so, overwhelmed by what I was going through as a result of my motorcycle accident. Neither Lee, nor Tammy, ever made me feel like I was inconveniencing them, and they always listened. In the end, Mr. Gaber's law office received, for me, the maximum benefit I was entitled to. I am glad I made the choice to go with him as my motorcycle accident lawyer. As he was referred to me, I definitely will refer him to someone else. Lee, Tammy, thank you for everything." ~ Alice D., Monroe County PA motorcycle accident … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Settlement and Personal Injury Legalese

One fact you need to know if you are involved in an accident and have to talk with an attorney regarding your motorcycle accident and/or eventual motorcycle settlement: personal injury lawyers speak their own language. This can have serious repercussions as we work together towards your motorcycle settlement. Personal injury cases require you to make important decisions that have a bearing on the outcome of your claim. Over my career as a PA motorcycle accident attorney, I have made bridging this linguistic gap a cornerstone of my practice. 5 Legal Terms You Should Understand Before Pursuing Motorcycle Settlements Personal injury terms often have completely different definitions outside the legal profession, which can make this jargon even more confusing to the lay person. With … [Read more...]

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