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PA Motorcycle Statistics Indicate Increased Potential for Accidents

According to PA motorcycle statistics supplied by PennDot, the number of bikes registered in the Commonwealth in 2013 increased to more than 405,000, while the number of licensed riders climbed to over 860,000 that same year. While I’m happy to see more bikers on the road, I also see these Pennsylvania motorcycle statistics, and understand that a lot of these new riders may end up in accidents. Other drivers have a hard time seeing bikes in the first place, and with more and more riders on the road, there will be increased chances for disaster to strike. With that in mind, I thought it might be a good time for a refresher on the process of hiring a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, what the early steps of your claim might look like, and why hiring an attorney who focuses his … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Injury Statistics

For motorcycle vs. commercial vehicle accidents While it is certainly the case that any accident involving a second vehicle is complex in and of itself, when an accident involves a commercial vehicle such as a tractor trailer, a delivery truck, or a construction vehicle, your claim can get downright complicated. Motorcycle injury statistics indicate that dozens of bikers are involved in this type of accident every year. The main challenge regarding these types of claims is that you will most likely be fighting a well-financed commercial insurance company. They will be protecting the company that owns the commercial vehicle and its driver even more tenaciously than in a standard motorcycle accident claim. My job as a PA motorcycle accident attorney is to fight for the rights of the … [Read more...]

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Berks County Motorcycle Lawyer Testimonials

Lee D. Gaber, represents people in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania who have been involved in Berks County PA motorcycle accidents (and all PA counties) through no fault of their own. This Berks County motorcycle lawyer also rides and therefore knows not only the law, but also talks your language when going over the details of the accident. “We weren’t sure where to turn after the accident… So glad our friends told us about The Cycle Attorney! Our questions and concerns were promptly addressed. The Cycle Attorney is not just an attorney but a biker and attorney FOR bikers. THANK YOU!” ~ Chris and Jen ~ Motorcycle Accident, Berks County, PA Call Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney Lee Gaber at 1-888-cycle-law for a free consultation for your Berks County PA accident. … [Read more...]

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Understanding the 5 Phases of PA Motorcycle Wrecks

Riders who have been in PA motorcycle wrecks have intimate, and often painful knowledge of how complex and just plain messy they can be. The scene is typically littered with glass, road debris, and vehicle parts. Witness testimony is often contradictory, and it can be nearly impossible to determine who is at fault, or even what actually happened. PA motorcycle wrecks and accident reconstruction specialists Your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer will sometimes contact accident reconstruction specialists, who use their expert investigative skills to help analyze the scene and sort these details out. These experts put together a narrative based on accident scene photos, witness testimony and depositions, photos and medical documents. In addition, reconstructionists tend to have … [Read more...]

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