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PA Motorcycle Helmet Laws – A Refresher

In spite of the fact that universal mandatory PA motorcycle helmet laws were repealed in 2003, we still get a fair amount of questions at my office regarding who is required to wear a helmet, and what other safety regulations are in place for motorcyclists in the Commonwealth. Seeing as I have not really addressed the topic head-on recently, I thought it might be a good time for a refresher. First let me state that as a long time biker and as a PA motorcycle accident attorney, I understand that there are competing values and interests at stake that have to be balanced in this issue. Safety is obviously paramount, and I would never argue that it is not a good idea for everyone who gets on a bike to wear a helmet. The numbers don’t lie: if you have an accident, you are safer with a … [Read more...]

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Big Bucks for Bergs in Berks County Boondoggle

Berks County motorcycle accidents lawyer Lee Gaber offers expert opinion on multi-million dollar insurance payout If you have a television, you have heard the cute insurance company jingles. You’ve seen the talking gecko, have become all too familiar with Flo, and have been startled by State Farms’ teleporting claims adjustors. All the major insurers have forced their advertising and branding into our collective consciousness to one degree or another for decades now. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company’s slogan (“Nationwide is on your side”) – set to a catchy tune – has been around longer and is less annoying than most. But a recent judgment handed down in a Berks County car accident case makes me wonder if Nationwide really is on your side Despite the fact that car accidents are … [Read more...]

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