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PA Motorcycle Semi Accidents

Injuries and liability issues in motorcycle vs. semi crashes One of the most devastating motor vehicle accidents imaginable has to be the David Vs. Goliath-level mismatch of the PA motorcycle-semi accident. Except in these cases, Goliath almost always wins. Motorcyclists are already nearly 40% more likely to die in any traffic accident in which they are involved than other motorists. Factor in the enormous mass difference between the two vehicles (big rigs usually weigh in at 40,000 pounds or more, while a motorcycle generally tops out at around 800 pounds), and it doesn’t take an expert Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer to understand that that percentage is going to skyrocket in the case of a PA motorcycle - semi accident. Potential injuries in motorcycle vs. semi … [Read more...]

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First, Do No Harm. Second, Defraud the American Taxpayer.

PA motorcycle crash attorney takes aim at Medicare & Medicaid fraud Does Medicare and Medicaid fraud matter to you? It should, because one way or the other, ultimately we all foot the bill. Emergency rooms in particular are becoming notorious for overcharging these programs. And because bikers are relatively unprotected when we are involved in an accident, PA motorcycle crash victims often end up in the emergency room. That makes it possible for them to pull you into this scam involuntarily. Here’s how it works Doctors are required to treat everyone who comes through their doors, regardless of their insurance status. If a patient has no private insurance and cannot afford the treatment out of pocket, their expenses are typically covered by Medicare or Medicaid, which often pay a lower … [Read more...]

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