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Common Injuries According to Motorcycle Accident Statistics

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to my readers (and to anyone with common sense) that injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents tend to be much more severe than in other types of traffic accidents. One indication of this fact is that motorcycle accident statistics suggest that motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to sustain fatal injuries in a crash. In addition, there are a number of injuries that are unique to motorcycle riders due to the nature of the bikes themselves and the risks inherent in riding them. As a long time Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, I have seen the devastating effects of the following injuries over and over throughout my career. Motorcycle accident statistics indicate common injuries Concussions and Brain Damage According to motorcycle … [Read more...]

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Your Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Looks at Road Rash

Perhaps because its name seems vaguely comedic or less than serious, many people do not understand just how awful a road rash injury can be. Even some of the definitions you might come across online don’t do justice to the pain and suffering it can cause, referring to it as a result of “grazing against the road,” or pavement. This makes it seem almost like a gentle brush... As a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer of over 2 decades, I can tell you this for sure: road rash is no joke, and it certainly isn’t gentle. In fact road rash is one of the most common injuries you can sustain as a result of a motorcycle accident, one of the most painful, and can even result in serious, permanent disfigurement. Road rash results when a biker or passenger is thrown from their motorcycle and … [Read more...]

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