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Merry Holiday Season from the Cycle Attorney

For my last column of the year I am simply going to wish everyone a very merry holiday season, and a happy and healthy new year! Ride safe and remember Murphy's Law; if it can go wrong, it usually will.  So keep your head on a swivel, use caution at intersections, watch out for vehicles turning left in front of you, and don’t pass other vehicles on the right.  For those of you looking for a better insurance rate... if you have State Farm for your automobiles, use them to insure your bike. It may cost a little more but they are the only major insurance company that allows you to stack your bike coverage on to your automobile coverage.  If you do use State Farm, always choose the stacking option and purchase the same coverage on all vehicles and motorcycles. Purchase as Much … [Read more...]

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Riding a Motorcycle: Does It Make You Smarter?

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer Lee Gaber looks at the links between riding and intelligence. I recently came across a study from 2012 that demonstrates a concept that's right up there with our dreams of heart-healthy bacon, and light beer that isn't watery and disgusting: riding a motorcycle may make you smarter (not just sexier – no need for a study to prove that). As you know if you are a regular reader of my blog, one of the reasons I became a PA motorcycle accident lawyer is because I love to ride. One of the reasons I love to ride so much is that afterwards, my senses are heightened, I feel more alert, and more in tune with my surroundings – smarter in other words. It turns out I'm not just imagining these effects. And while this theory sounds sort of crazy on its … [Read more...]

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