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Punitive Damages – What Are They and Are You Entitled to Them?

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Injury Attorney Examines and Explains Punitive Damages Most readers of my blog understand at this point that if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, there’s a good chance that you are entitled to seek certain types of damages. I’ve covered these damages before, identifying, defining and explaining the types of damages to which you may be entitled, and how to initiate the process of seeking them. As a Pennsylvania motorcycle injury attorney, it’s my job to help those who have been victims of accidents to recover these damages. But it’s my passion to help the general public, and especially the motorcycle riding community, understand the law so that if they are involved in an accident, they understand the options available to them. One of the questions I … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Safety & Defect Recalls

A PA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Overview I think it’s safe to assume that motorcycle riders (and regular readers of my blog) are typically pretty aware of the risks that come with getting on the back of a bike and hitting the road. And my readers are smart enough to do what they can to lower those risks as much as possible without sucking all the fun out of the experience – ie helmets, leather jackets, big awesome boots – you know the drill. But some risks remain outside of your control: road conditions, all those other bad drivers, and defects in the motorcycle itself. According to CNN, in both 2013 and 2014, Harley Davidson issued safety recalls for over 125,000 touring bikes. This got my PA motorcycle accident lawyer brain working. Let’s say you own one of the affected models. … [Read more...]

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