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Don’t Outrun Your Headlights

And Other Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Advice for Safe Nighttime Riding This won’t come as real news to long-time riders out there, but night riding is one of the most consistently pleasant, and relaxing experiences you can have on your motorcycle. It is more quiet and private than riding during the day because there simply isn’t as much traffic to be aware of, and if you are taking a ride in the country, it’s a great opportunity to experience a bit of nature. However; my Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer brain has just kicked to remind me that night riders (wordplay!) need to take some extra precautions when they hit the road. Along with the joy and freedom of riding at night, there are some additional dangers to be aware of as well. The good news is with a little … [Read more...]

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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Fatalities are Down

As you all know, I subscribe to many newspapers and magazines and am always looking for motorcycle related stories. Latest Motorcycle Fatality Statistics Recently I found one that we can all relate to entitled "Motorcycle Fatalities Fall Sharply in 2013"  The article confirms what we have been seeing in our offices, which is while the number of cases we handle each year is seemingly staying consistent, we have not been seeing very many motorcycle fatality cases - thank God!  The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), which takes a full year to compile motor vehicle statistics, said that in 2013, while 4,663 people lost their lives while operating a motorcycle, the number was down from 4,986 in 2012. Not small numbers by any stretch, but in states with helmet … [Read more...]

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