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Motorcycle Rally PA Summer Roundup

PA Motorcycle Rallies for Veterans' Charities Now that summer has hit in full force, it’s time for Pennsylvania bikers to hit the streets for our summer road trips. That means it’s time for another Motorcycle Rally PA Roundup, and this time, with Independence Day fast approaching, I thought I would focus on charity events that directly or indirectly assist veterans. In the course of my career as a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, and as an active, long-time member of the east coast biking community, I have met dozens of our fellow riders who have defended our nation around the world. In fact Veterans have historically been enthusiastic supporters and members of biker clubs, and biker clubs have often taken it upon themselves to return the favor by raising money and … [Read more...]

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Getting a Motorcycle License in PA

I am always on the lookout for articles that deal with motorcycling safety and recently found an article in the local paper dealing primarily with how to get your motorcycle license in PA and/or NJ.titled " Venturing on 2 Wheels, Safely", written by Scott Sturgis. Scott wrote that in 2013 PA motorcycling has grown from 315k registered motorcycles, to 405k. The numbers for Jersey were not available. Age Requirements for a Motorcycle License In both states if you are under 18 and want to apply for a permit you must take a basic rider safety course. If older than 18 you can simply apply for a permit. Once you feel you are ready for a license in NJ, you must take a road test to prove your competence and then you will receive your license. How to Get a Motorcycle License in … [Read more...]

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