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Demonstrating Motorcycle Accident Liability In PA

In the unfortunate event that you are in an accident involving more than one vehicle, or if there is a potential responsible party such as a city or state government entity, establishing who is at fault is going to be one of the most important and contentious steps of the process. Even if it seems blatantly obvious who is responsible, the insurance companies and the at-fault party both have an interest in demonstrating that the motorcycle accident liability is not theirs. To counter their arguments, you need to have solid ones of your own. Remember, even if all parties are operating in good faith, memories are not reliable. Over the course of my career as a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, I’ve seen seemingly open and shut cases fall apart (not when they were handled by a … [Read more...]

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How to Get a Motorcycle Permit

A Guide for Pennsylvania Teens and Their Parents It’s summertime and that means lots of teens are out of school, and clamoring to jump on their bikes to blow off some steam. Which is great! With preparation, practice and parental supervision, motorcycle riding can be a great summertime activity for your teen, and a way for you and your kid(s) to bond. Obviously an important step in making that happen is for your teen to get his or her Class M license. As I have mentioned in writing before on my Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer blog, riding without a license – besides being illegal – is just an awful idea. With these factors in mind, I thought a brief primer on how to get a motorcycle permit in PA would be a good resource for teens who are interested in joining the biking … [Read more...]

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