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Anxiety & PTSD After a PA Motorcycle Accident

A wide range of studies over the last several years has indicated that more accident survivors than you might imagine end up suffering long-term emotional distress after their crashes, even when there are no lasting physical injuries involved. As a long-time Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, this doesn’t particularly surprise me. I’ve seen the emotional toll even a relatively minor crash can take, including anxiety, PTSD, depression – even phobias – over the course of my career. I understand how devastating these emotional effects can be, even if there don’t appear to be lasting physical injuries. The stress, anxiety, and mental anguish that are the tangential results of a personal injury can sometimes be considered a compensable personal injury themselves, depending on … [Read more...]

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Motorcycle Accident Investigations

Collecting the Evidence You Need After a PA Motorcycle Accident One of the most common questions my clients ask me during our free initial Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer consultation is some variation on "What kind of evidence do we need?" and "How do we go about collecting it?" I’m happy to get this question because it demonstrates that my clients are thinking rationally about how to win their claim, and that they understand that they cannot count on the insurance companies to take care of the matter with their best interests at heart. It also shows that they understand that their word against the other driver’s word is not going to cut it, and that they need to take some initiative themselves. Motorcycle accident lawyers are tasked with protecting your rights, and … [Read more...]

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