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Distracted Driving Accident Facts

PA Motorcycle Lawyer Addresses Some Common Concerns Back in my early days, the worst type of distracted drivers a Pennsylvania motorcyclist usually had to be on the lookout for was some clueless schmo eating a cheese steak behind the wheel. Nowadays, drivers have so many options for ignoring the road, it’s no wonder that distracted driving accident statistics show a sharp spike in crashes involving a driver who isn’t keeping their eyes on the road. Besides the old standbys of eating, putting on makeup, and futzing around with the radio, today’s drivers have access to all types of technology – from GPS units, to MP3 players, and even TVs. Now with essentially full time internet access, you even have the ability to surf the net, or watch movies on your tablet or laptop while you’re … [Read more...]

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Winterizing Your Motorcycle

7 Steps to Get Your Bike Ready for Winter Storage None of us wants to admit it, but that nip in the evening air (and the fact that it is October already!) can only mean one thing. Winter is coming. And while we still have about a month of weather warm enough for riding, it’s time to start thinking about putting our bikes away for the winter. As you know if you’ve been following my blog, I am both a long-time Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, and an avid rider, so I am just as amazed at how fast the summer disappeared as anyone. And just as bummed about putting my bike away. And it isn’t just the deep, deep emotional trauma of getting out that tarp that’s so depressing, but all of the other tasks that go along with winterizing your motorcycle. To help you struggle … [Read more...]

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