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Avoiding Three-Wheeler Accidents

PA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Advice I wrote just a couple of weeks ago at my New Jersey legal blog about purchasing a three-wheeler (AKA a “trike”) for my wife, the lovely Mrs. Cycle Attorney. After having ridden for years on the back of my own bike, she’s definitely caught the biking bug, but wasn’t sure she was ready to dive right in with a standard two-wheeler. We decided a trike would be the way to go, because we felt that this type of motorcycle offers a unique combination of safety and ease of riding, without sacrificing the most important factor of all – fun. So we did some research and ultimately chose the Can-Am Spyder. But despite the relative safety of three-wheelers, as a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer who’s deeply concerned with the well-being of my biking … [Read more...]

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6 Reasons a PA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Might Decline Your Case

And Tips to Make It More Likely They’ll Accept It In my column from a couple of weeks back, I mentioned how frustrating the process of filing a claim can be if you’re not entirely sure of the steps you should be taking to assemble a strong case. But just imagine how frustrating it would be if no lawyer will take you on as a client in the first place. There are a variety of reasons a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer might turn down your case, some of them more valid than others. Even if you believe you have a strong claim, there is absolutely no requirement that any motorcycle accident lawyer accept it. And if several turn you down, it may be an indication that your claim isn’t as strong as you think it is. Obviously, I cannot speak to exactly why another law firm might … [Read more...]

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