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Natural Reaction to a Motorcycle Accident

How Your Pennsylvania Motorcycle Lawyer Can Help After a motorcycle accident that is not your fault you would think anger would be the top reaction for the motorcycle rider – but it's more often confusion and worry. What will I do now? Who's gonna pay for this? How do I get fairly compensated? Does the person who hit me have insurance? Will my insurance cover it? Who can help me? How much will it cost? Then the Anger Comes After I have that initial conversation with my clients and have had a chance to calm their concerns, their anger sets in; sometimes during that first conversation. As your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, I am here not only to help answer questions but to listen to your concerns and frustration. After all, your life was going along nicely … [Read more...]

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Happy New Year

Before getting into this month’s topic, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year and thank everyone who has allowed me the privilege of representing them in their time of need. I also want to thank all of the clubs and organizations that have invited me to speak in front of their members and to participate in the many organized events and rides that are held throughout the year. Everyone is a "Motorcycle Attorney" When It Suits Them Some of you may have noticed an increase in the number of attorneys soliciting business from the biker community and although some may be competent, many are not. So be sure that any attorney you hire focuses in motorcycle accidents, as my office has for approximately 25 years! I want to remind everyone that when you are in need of … [Read more...]

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