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I just got back from a motion court hearing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania which stemmed from a deposition relating to a Bucks County motorcycle accident wherein my client was rear-ended by another party, who was driving an antique Mercedes.

A deposition, for those of you who don’t know, is basically a recorded question and answer session. Your motorcycle accident lawyer is present along with the attorney representing the insurance company, and a court reporter is taking down the questions that are being asked and the answers that are given.

Although a deposition is basically “fact-finding”, before the deposition takes place, written and certified answers to questions have already been sent to the other attorney and generally all of the client’s medical records, bills ands reports have been sent as well. I mention this because by time the deposition comes around, the other side, if they have done their homework, has reviewed the answers to interrogatories and the medical records and should have a pretty good understanding of the claim.

Unfortunately not all defense attorneys do their job and many of them use their depositions to harass and/or run up billable hours that they can then turn into the insurance company for payment.

In this particular case the deposition went almost two hours, ran roughly 125 pages and concerned the Bucks County, PA motorcycle accident case where my client was rear-ended when he was at a stop. The insurance company had already agreed that they were responsible and had paid for the motorcycle accident property damage to my client’s motorcycle.

The defendant also admitted that he struck the rear of my client’s motorcycle and that my client did nothing to contribute to the cause of this motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accident lawyer Bucks County PAHowever, the defense firm likes to run up billable hours, so they asked many questions that appeared to have no relevance, and I objected. Fortunately for my client, a retired police officer, he was not severely injured. Although he was injured enough to seek the services of a Bucks County motorcycle accident lawyer, when the case came in, it did not appear at first that this would be a difficult or drawn out case. Boy was I wrong! This has now become the longest running case in my office.

When defense counsel took my client’s deposition they asked questions such as:

  • where he was coming from, which was church, and then they wanted to know more about his religion.
  • They wanted to know how much horsepower his motorcycle had.
  • they wanted to know about prior motorcycle accidents and injuries – although my client stated under oath that he was not injured in any prior motorcycle accidents and was not claiming any exacerbation or aggravation of prior injuries.
  • They wanted to know about an eye doctor that he went to see even though he clearly testified under oath that we were not making any claims for eye injuries.
  • The attorney also asked questions about prior chiropractic treatment which I objected to; however, I only objected to the time frame and limited my clients answer to the last ten years.
  • Further, he asked my client whether or not he uses Facebook, my client responded “rarely” and then I objected to any further information because he had not provided me with any information at all that my client had used Facebook to publish pictures of himself doing anything that had any relation to this accident.

Now after 22 years of being a New Jersey and Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, I have never had a motion filed against me for these types of objections. Most defense attorneys know that not only are my objections poignant, but generally if a motion is filed, the Judge will find in my favor.

This is a unique case, and should not deter you from contacting me for a review of your case. Often times I can easily negotiate a motorcycle accident settlement for you. Call me, Lee D. Gaber, the Cycle Attorney, at 1-888-292-5352 for a free consultation. That’s 1-888-cycle-law.

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