Choosing a Motorcycle to Suit You

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer blogThis month’s column is about choosing the best motorcycle to fit your needs. Selecting the right bike might just help keep you out of a situation where you need a motorcycle lawyer!

I recently came across an article which talks about choosing the best motorcycle and in giving their advice, they broke it down into the following criteria;

  1. Consider Your Needs
    The author advises that you assess the practice of your riding; will you be riding in heavy traffic, long distances or only on weekends? For instance, if you are looking for a weekend toy, you might be tolerant of a sleek, but uncomfortable bike. However, if you plan on using your motorcycle to take you to work each day, you will need comfort, storage and durability.
  2. Choose a Bike that Fits Your Body
    Because of the infinite number of bikes that are available today, you must sit on, and if at all possible, test drive the motorcycle you intend on buying, The test drive, if allowed, will show you the ergonomic differences in the model you are testing and the contrast between what you expected and the “reality” of the motorcycle. When doing this, make sure you keep an open mind because regardless of what you think you want, if you do not chose the correct motorcycle, you will find reasons not to operate it. You also want to be in complete control to avoid the need for the help of a motorcycle accident attorney in filing a claim!
  3. New or Used?
    This is a bigger question than most people realize because like with most automobiles, most motorcycle riders would prefer a new bike versus a used one. However, purchasing a new motorcycle often comes with a steep price. Buying a used motorcycle confers upon a beginning rider the luxury of not damaging something that’s showy. Most often used bikes are a better value since they have already depreciated.
  4. Consider Your Long Term Budget
    When preparing to buy a motorcycle you need to realistically estimate the expenses you will encounter from its operation. This means more than simply buying the motorcycle and estimating what maintenance will cost. In my mind what this means is, before you purchase a motorcycle you should call at least two to three different insurance companies and get estimates of the cost of properly insuring the bike. The reason this is so important is because I have had many clients spend between $3,000 and $30,000 and then when it comes time to purchase insurance, they have run out of money and end up purchasing the minimum required motorcycle insurance coverage. Then, we all know what happens next… a motorcycle accident occurs and they don’t have collision, comprehensive, uninsured and/or underinsured motorist coverage and ultimately they find themselves without a motorcycle, nor the means to be compensated for their motorcycle accident injuries.

In summary, the article suggests that when looking to purchase a motorcycle, you don’t do so hastily! I would suggest that you think long and hard before making a decision of what motorcycle to buy especially if it is your first motorcycle.

I would also suggest that prior to doing so you enroll in and take the motorcycle safety course if it is offered in your state. Then, once you become a licensed driver you follow the path that I followed, which is to buy a used motorcycle for a few thousand dollars, spend three to six months learning on it, and when you feel ready, shop for the motorcycle of your dreams.

As always, if upon reading this material you have any questions regarding this topic or any others, please feel free to contact motorcycle accident attorney Lee Gaber online or call 1-888-CYCLE-LAW (1-888-292-5352).

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