Hospitalized Because of a Motorcycle Injury?

If you are injured while riding your motorcycle as a result of the negligence of another, whether that is another motor vehicle, a property owner, a local municipality, or even the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, your first call should be to a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer to get legal representation.

Pennsylvania motorcycle lawyer will come to your hospitalAre you in the hospital and unable to come to my Conshohocken motorcycle accident law firm? You should still call right away, I will come to see you in the hospital. I represent clients across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania so it doesn’t matter if you were injured in Berks County, Erie, or anyplace in between. Don’t hesitate to call me just because you are stuck in a hospital.

While you are hospitalized, you may get a call or a visit from an insurance company representative trying to get a recorded statement.

Don’t give them one!

Tell them you are represented by Lee Gaber, motorcycle accident lawyer and they will have to speak with me at 888-cycle-law about your case.

It doesn’t matter if we have had not had our face to face meeting yet. They will stop badgering you if you simply tell them all communication must go through your lawyer.

They may even make a low settlement offer to you while you are still in the hospital. They want to do this before you even know the full extent of your injuries, or the cost of full rehabilitation of your injuries. It is not only your right to refuse the offer, you can also refuse to see or talk to them at all.

I recommend the latter. Then call me at 1-888-292-5352 (that’s 888-cycle-law). I’ll get on the road to see you as soon as possible. Once I arrive at the hospital we can go over the facts of the accident. It is best to get the story down while it is fresh in your mind. You will have an opportunity to fill in the details later.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be able to advise you on your claim, as well as give you valuable information about hospitals, insurance and what you can expect during your recovery and claim period. Think of me as a source of information about your best interests.

Don’t Destroy Evidence

Make sure the hospital retains all clothing and gear you were wearing, especially if it shows evidence of force and skidding. A helmet with a broken face shield or skid abrasion tells a story and can be a compelling part of your settlement.

Remember, you are under no obligation to sue anyone just because you call a motorcycle attorney. We are simply going to put together a claim so you can get the best motorcycle accident settlement you can. We rarely need to go to court after I get through presenting a claim to the insurance companies.

I work on a contingency basis, so you owe nothing out of pocket. Also, if we meet and you don’t feel it is a good fit you are not obligated to hire me. So this is all about getting you the most compensation and getting you up and out of that hospital bed without facing massive debt.

Hire a motorcycle lawyer who rides

In most cases my clients are very glad they called and are pleasantly surprised that I speak their language. This is because I’m an avid rider myself.

I’ve pretty much seen it all in motorcycle accident situations in my 25 years in the business. This allows our firm to move quickly on all aspects of your claim.

Don’t wait until after your insurance company doesn’t treat you fairly to contact a motorcycle lawyer. Call Lee D. Gaber, Esquire at 1-888-292-5352 24/7 365 days a year. I will return your call promptly.

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