Income Loss from a Motor Cycle Accident

A motor cycle accident is often a devastating event that renders an injured person unable to work. As an experienced New Jersey and Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, I will calculate how much compensation you deserve as a result of missing work and secure fair compensation for your injuries.

motor cycle accident lawyerBy contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer you get an expert who will work to see that your settlement includes not just work time that you have already missed, but also time you will continue to miss as you recover. Your settlement will take into account future earning potential that is eliminated because of your motor cycle accident. If you were in line for a promotion or advancement that you can no longer fulfill, I will make sure that the compensation package has a provision covering those lost potential earnings.

Are you the Sole Earner in the Household?

Pennsylvania law stipulates that an injured party can recover not only the income that they have lost, but when someone is unable to go into work as a result of a motor cycle accident, it is not just days missed that are of concern. it is the effect the loss of income has on the entire family that needs to be recovered. When the person injured is in a management position, many other employees in the business are impacted by their absence. Although self-employed individuals are entitled to the amount required to hire someone else to step into their job, someone who is self-employed will lose not just income but also opportunities for marketing, hiring new employees, and other day to day tasks that don’t show up directly on a pay stub.

Many Motor Cycle Accident Claim Calculations are Involved

As you can see, the calculations your motorcycle accident attorney must take into account to effectively determine lost income now and into the future involve quite a few variables. A motorcycle lawyer creates the tables and spreadsheets that take all of the relevant factors into account, which are essential to correctly determine what you can collect in your action, and what you deserve.

I have handled many different types of cycle accident cases over 20+ years of practice, and my expertise will guarantee you are compensated fairly not just for your lost wages and earning potential, but for any other damages you have sustained. Please contact me, motorcycle accident lawyer Lee D. Gaber, Esquire at 1-888-292-5352 (888-CYCLE-LAW) for immediate and accurate advice to resolve your case.

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