Most Valuable Motorcycles

Recently while surfing the net, I came across an article on the Yahoo Finance section entitled ”Most Valuable Motorcycles”. The article stated that there are three main factors which determine any motorcycles value.

  1. rarity (how many where initially produced compared to how many are left today)
  2. innovation (was this vehicle a technological breakthrough when it debuted) and
  3. whether it had a successful race history (which always increases value).

Based upon these criteria, according to Carl Brauer, Editor and Chief of Total Car Score, the following are the five most valuable motorcycle’s available;

1. 1948 Vincent Black Lightning Prototype

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyerThis 1948 prototype is also known as “Bathing Suit Bike.” It was named that because while wearing only a helmet, swim trunks and tennis shoes to improve aerodynamics, Rollie Free set a land speed record of 150.313 mph. In 2011, this one-of-a-kind chopper set a record when it became the first motorcycle to sell for $1 million.< br/>< br/>

2. 1915 Cyclone?

This nearly century-old cycle was the most powerful of its time, said Brauer. It came with a 1,000 cc V-twin engine with 50 horsepower was capable of over 120 mph. Brauer stated that this was “an incredible speed at that time for what was essentially a bicycle with an engine.” Approximately 300 were made however there are only 15 are left and they can fetch over $500,000.

3. 1939 BMW Type 255 Kompressor?

In building this motorcycle, BMW combined a supercharged, dual overhead camshaft engine with a four-speed transmission to create an advanced and powerful series of racing motorcycles. A BMW Type 255 Kompressor recently sold for $480,000 in a January 2013 auction.

4. 1929 Brough Superior SS100?

The bike according to Brauer was considered the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles and had an advanced suspension and frame design which made the bikes extremely capable in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Brauer stated the prices can go anywhere from $100,000 to $400,000.

5. Vincent Black Lightening Supercharge

This motorcycle, after being rigged with a supercharger, set a land speed record and in 2008 it did break a different kind of British record – when it sold in an auction for $383,400.

So if any of you out there have motorcycles that you believe have the necessary attributes to make it worth more then someone is offering you, search the internet and you may be surprised by what you find.

Until next time, stay safe!
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