Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Stay Safe This Independence Day

motorcycle accident injuriesNothing ruins a long holiday weekend like a visit to the hospital. Cars pull out in front of you… Cars run into you… Drivers don’t see you… it happens. Other drivers cannot always be trusted… and probably never should be trusted.

I wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July this year!

Here are some days, weekends, and years that were ruined by motorcycle accidents, in my clients’ own words:

“Someone turned left in front of me, I was admitted to the hospital – trauma status. I’m home now and scared.”

“I suffered a concussion, brain injury, fracture to the orbital socket of my eye, and 3 fractures to my upper jaw, some internal bleeding, and plenty of muscle strains.”

“My accident left me with a dislocated rib, so (the doctor) sent me for a chiropractor visit. That seemed to help that, but now I still have a very stiff neck and some pains that seem to come and go in my back. My neck has a weird clicking inside that is hard to explain. I’m worried something may not be right.”

My comment as an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Pennsylvania: Always seek medical attention; it is better to be seen than not because if you don’t, and later find out you have injuries that were serious, it is harder to win your claim. The question by the insurance company lawyer will always be “if it was so severe, why didn’t you seek immediate medical care?”

More Injury Descriptions from Clients

“Major wounds to legs, 5 surgeries, 2 skin graphs, 5 broken metatarsals, a 2 broken broken heels. 4 torn ligaments in the knee, fractured knee cap and sprained right ankle. Both ACLs are torn in both knees. I am still in Crozer Chester Medical Center and can not walk yet and prob not for many months. A simple signal sooner could have avoided this all. I am not sure what to do from here.”

“I suffered a sprained back, injured shoulder and road rash of which some has already started to scar my body. I recently visited my personal doctor for the ER checkup and told him about persistent pain in my shoulder. I am unable to fully extend it or move it in certain positions, so I have limited mobility.

My doctor suggested that there was some resistance and it might be something more serious than a muscle tear and told me to get an x-ray. The x-ray technician told me the results would come back in 24-48 hours for any type of bone damage, but I may need an MRI if no broken bones show. Worst case scenario would be the need for surgery to fix the problem.”

“My husband suffered a broken foot broken arm, is bleeding internally, has undergone 5 surgeries and is still in the hospital two weeks later. The insurance companies are already giving me problems with claims.”

Does this sound familiar?

“I have recently returned to work because I have a specified amount of sick days available and have already used 7 days. I got the full time job last year and do not want to end up losing my job due to too many days of missed work.”

“Yesterday, I was hit by a driver in a pick-up truck making an illegal U-turn on a six lane (two way road). My bike was totaled and I was sent to the hospital with multiple injuries: Concussion, lacerated right forearm, lacerated left shoulder, broken right toe, split and stitched right knee, and multiple smaller lacerations and scrapes.”

“I have been playing phone tag with my insurance claim rep. For about a week now. Her only responding twice to me, while I have been calling at least once daily.”

Let me be your mouthpiece

Remember, I am a professional communicator, you may not be. It is essential that all communication from your side be professional, well constructed, and on-point in order to get compensation.

Opposing lawyers love to take things you say or write out of context, and turn them against you.

I hear about all types of motorcycle inquiries, but I don’t mind.

I much prefer you call me at 1-888-292-5352 (888-CycleLaw) or write to me if you have been in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident, rather than sitting on an injury and wondering if you should call.

Or worse yet, to never call and find out later that you have severe or life-changing injuries that you were not aware of at the time of the accident, and if treated early could have had a better prognosis for recovery.

If nothing else, you have a chance to get frustration, anger or fear out of your system. Contacting me doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.

I’m a straight shooter and will quickly assess your situation and let you know where you stand. You have nothing to lose, and you will gain peace of mind.

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