Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney: The Most Important Advice

What is the most important thing your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident injury attorney can tell you?

motorcycle accident injury lawyer in Conshohocken PAClients and potential clients, in all my experience as a motorcycle accident injury attorney, the one issue that prevents me most from helping my clients is the lack of insurance.

If you have motorcycle insurance on your bike in NJ or PA your insurance company is REQUIRED to offer you underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage in the SAME amount that you purchased in liability coverage.

The operative words here are “required” and the “same amount”.

This is for your protection! Don’t be fooled by insurance company jargon. At first glance it seems unfair that you should have to buy more insurance because somebody who caused your motorcycle accident did not have enough insurance. But life is unfair, and this is your chance to protect yourself to a greater degree. The extra amount this costs is nothing compared to the benefit.

Lately, I have seen too many policies wherein people have purchased liability in the amounts of $100,000 or more, and then WAIVED or BOUGHT LESS in underinsured and uninsured coverage!

Why would you do this?


The insurance company is very grateful that you are doing this. It saves them money that they would normally have to pay you in a motorcycle accident situation. Trust me, every single one of my clients would go back and buy more insurance if they could do it all over.

And to answer the question I am always asked… No, you cannot successfully go after the driver personally and realistically expect to recover an amount other than the amount of liability coverage they purchased.

This is what your purchase of UNDERINSURED AND UNINSURED is for… TO PROTECT YOU!

Let me reiterate that, underinsured and uninsured coverage is the coverage that helps protect you from those people driving around who are too cheap to get proper insurance to cover your medical costs when they hit you.

This can be confusing if you are not in the industry. In this world, you need to watch out for yourself, and be on the look out for things that can help you. This is a great example, the law is helping you by requiring insurance companies to offer you this insurance. Don’t bypass this benefit, get the insurance that helps your motorcycle accident attorney get you a settlement that covers as much of your needs as possible.

Take Action Now! After An Accident It’s Too Late

So, if you want to be properly protected, PLEASE, right now, get out your policies and check to make sure you have TAKEN ADVANTAGE of the legislatures ALLOWING you to buy underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage in the same amount that you purchased in liability coverage!

It’s not a trick the insurance company is pulling to get more fees; underinsured and uninsured is something they have to offer you, for your own good.

Help me, The Cycle Attorney, to help you when the time comes for you to collect damages from a motorcycle accident. The reason I have been able to obtain large amounts for my clients is because of these coverages. In the absence of these coverages, your case will only be worth what the person who hit you wanted to spend on their insurance; and we all know that the average person will spend as little as possible on insurance.

If you have ANY questions concerning this topic, it is vitally important that you reach out to me so I can impress upon you the importance that this coverage is for your New Jersey or Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer to get a large financial settlement for your accident.

I can always be reached at 1-888-292-5352 (1-888-CYCLE-LAW) 24/7.

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