Getting the Right Motorcycle Accident Insurance Coverage

To all of my motorcycle accident blog readers who look forward to and read my monthly column I want to say thank you. It is not always easy coming up with new topics to write about every month, especially after 7-8 years of writing.

Bike Show & Spring Ride Comes to an End

Even though as I write this column the weather is about to turn bitterly cold, I know many of you are chomping at the bit in order to get back on your bikes and go for your inaugural spring ride.

I recently learned that the Spring Thaw Rendezvous Bike Show and Poker Run which benefited the Northampton Fire Department has unfortunately come to an end. I am a little saddened by this as my Pennsylvania motorcycle law firm always sponsored the bike show, and it was typically well attended. I sincerely hope another show takes its place.

The Right Motorcycle Accident Insurance Coverage is Important

pennsylvania motorcycle accident insurance adviceOn a more positive note, while you are sitting around, waiting for the spring weather, instead of just staring at your bike, this would be an excellent time to find your actual motorcycle policy and read the Declaration Page and review what you are covered for and perhaps more importantly, what you are not covered for!

For example, most motorcycle policies do not cover you or your passengers for any medical bills, even if the situation was 100% the other parties fault.  PA and NJ are “no-fault” states, meaning that your injuries, and the bills generated, are initially your responsibility to pay, regardless of what they tell you on the phone.

Ultimately, the other parties insurance company is responsible for your bills but they will not make payment until your entire motorcycle accident claim settles.

They will however pay for your bike; but will do so on their time schedule not yours, as you are not their customer.  So if you aren’t willing to wait for repairs or replacement, then I suggest you purchase collision insurance from your own company.

If you have a custom bike, be sure you have it insured as such; as standard collision coverage may not cover your entire loss.

Lastly and most importantly, be sure you have un/underinsured motorist coverage!  This is the coverage that will ensure you receive compensation should you be struck and injured by an uninsured or underinsured driver!

Getting the right motorcycle accident insurance coverage is a vital precursor to collecting the maximum recovery when we win your motorcycle accident case

Bottom line, grab your Declaration Page and spend 5 minutes reading it – it will be time well spent should you be involved in a motorcycle accident.

Remember, Pennsylvania Consultations are Free

If you have any questions about your motorcycle accident coverages just call me, Lee D. Gaber, your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, at 1-888-292-5352 (1-888-cycle-law) and I will answer all your questions for free.

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