Motorcycle Back Injury Settlement

The position we are in and the lack of protection we have when riding a motorcycle leaves us open to back trauma in the event of a motorcycle accident.

motorcycle back injury settlements in PAAs a leading Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer I have worked with many clients in obtaining an equitable motorcycle back injury settlement, and I know the struggle that can ensue when you are in the process of recovering from a serious back injury suffered in a motorcycle accident.

If a motorcycle crashes into a solid object, such as another vehicle or a guard rail, chances are the rider will be thrown a significant distance through the air and land awkwardly, damaging the spine through torsion (twisting) or contusion (a bruising blow). If the rider is not thrown, the back is often injured by being pinned between and crushed by the motorcycle and the impacted object.

The Back is Central to Our Physiology

The spine is involved in every movement we make, contains millions of nerves, and carries all the signals coming from the brain to the rest of the body in the spinal column. Surgery, rehabilitative medicine, and physical therapy are commonly needed. A motorcycle back injury settlement that fully covers all the medical attention necessary is vital to your successful recovery.

Back Injuries Can Lead to Missing Work for Extended Periods

In many instances the loss of functions related to a spinal injury and loss of mobility will result in missing work for an extended period of time, and therefore lost income. As a Pennsylvania motorcycle attorney for lost wage recovery, I take into account all financial considerations, including loss of potential future earnings, involved in your motorcycle back injury settlement and I will make sure that all your costs are covered to the degree possible.

A motorcycle back injury is nothing to take lightly. For immediate help call Lee D. Gaber, Esquire at 1-888-292-5352 (1-888-CYCLE-LAW) to talk with an understanding, experienced motorcycle accident attorney for claims in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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