Motorcycle Bodily Injury Settlements

I just settled a substantial six-figure case for a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident client, who sustained serious injuries to his leg, when he laid his bike down in order to avoid impact with a vehicle that pulled out from a stop sign into his path of travel.  
motorcycle bodily injury settlements in PennsylvaniaAlthough most of my clients have been severely injured in a motorcycle accident, some, like this one, have far greater injuries than others.  The only reason this client’s motorcycle bodily injury settlement wasn’t for seven-figures was because he was retired and didn’t have a wage-loss claim to put on the board.  Although he did have quite a substantial health insurance lien against his recovery which was boardable.  

The Right Insurance Makes a Big Difference

My motorcycle accident client was very fortunate to have had all of his vehicles insured with the Erie Insurance Company, as they allowed him to list all of his cars and motorcycles on the same policy thus allowing him to stack his underinsured motorist coverage. Erie apparently allowed him to do this because he has been insured with them for well over 20 years.
Although we had to reimburse his health insurance carrier, whose plan was self-funded, with my help as his motorcycle accident attorney, we were able to work with them and ultimately came to an agreement wherein they would accept a lesser amount than what they actually paid out.

In the end, all of the interested parties were satisfied with this Pennsylvania motorcycle bodily injury settlement.  This resolution would never have been possible had his motorcycle not have been written on the same policy of insurance as his automobiles.  I have informed him that if he ever plans to ride his motorcycle again, to make sure he leaves it insured as it is.

If you have questions about New Jersey or Pennsylvania motorcycle bodily injury settlements, please do not hesitate to call Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer Lee D. Gaber, Esquire, “The Cycle Attorney”, at -888-292-5352 (1-888-CYCLE-LAW) – PA and NJ consultations are free.

Remember, motorcycle accident attorneys protect your rights. Without a lawyer, who knows what the insurance company would have offered my client!

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