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motorcycle injury lawyer Pennsylvania medical billsPennsylvania Motorcycle injury lawyer Lee Gaber is experienced in helping injured bikers get their medical bills reimbursed.

The current Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law enacted in 1990, with various amendments since that date, is more commonly referred to as The “No-Fault law”.

As common a phrase as this is, unless they have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania before, most people don’t completely understand what the phrase “No-Fault” actually means. It’s really quite simple.

“No Fault” is the principle that if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of who is at fault for the accident, the injured party is responsible to pay for his own medical bills.

As a result of the “No-Fault” law the Pennsylvania legislature passed a law requiring that all automobile insureds be required to have at least $5,000 in Personal Injury Protection or “PIP”, i.e. medical coverage for injury accidents.

The obvious problems with this system were:

  1. the legislature specifically excluded motorcycles from the law, and
  2. $5,000 barely covered the ambulance and the emergency room visit

Motorcycle Injury Lawyer for Medical Bills Reimbursement

Our economy is completely different today, specifically with regard to medical insurance.

Back then virtually anyone with a full-time job, had some form of health insurance, but boy how times have changed… if you were involved in a motorcycle injury accident and didn’t have any medical benefits on your motorcycle accident policy, all you had to do was give the hospital or the Dr’s your medical card and your bills were sent to your health insurance company.

In some cases that even worked out better than having the mandatory $5,000 in PIP benefits.

However, in 2017, Pennsylvania law still does not require motorcycle insurance companies to provide medical benefits, so instead of almost everyone having some form of employer-sponsored medical insurance, that has now become the exception.

Now for the really bad news:

If you are seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in PA, and don’t have any private medical benefits, you are still legally responsible to pay for your motorcycle accident medical bills.

This is the law as it currently stands and it makes no difference to the billing departments who was responsible for the accident. They simply know that you received the care and therefore they are looking to you for payment.

As I said, this is the current law, however there are some ways your motorcycle injury lawyer can legally get your motorcycle injury accident medical bills paid.

The most common is for motorcycle injury lawyers to attempt to resolve your motorcycle accident claim quickly, being careful not to accept a motorcycle accident settlement in a manner which short changes you.

Just because Pennsylvania is a “No-Fault” state doesn’t mean that the responsible party is completely off the hook.

On the contrary, they are ultimately responsible to pay for your medical bills, if they are still outstanding when the case resolves, but that assumes they have sufficient insurance coverage to do so.

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Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Negotiate Medical Bills

In the end, most medical providers are used to only receiving about 20% of the amount they charge, so if your motorcycle injury lawyer is successful in your motorcycle injury claim, my motorcycle accident law firm can normally negotiate with the medical providers to accept a fraction of what they might actually be owed.

However, please understand that these days the typical driver in Pennsylvania usually does not have more than $25,000-$100,000 in total liability coverage on their vehicle.

So while we may be able to use some of this recovery to satisfy any outstanding motorcycle injury medical bills, that simply means that there will be less money to compensate you for your pain and suffering and lost wages from your motorcycle accident.

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Preventative Action

The way to avoid finding yourself in this dilemma is to purchase as much uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage on your own motorcycle policy. This way you will have the ability to collect additional injury compensation if you are injured by someone who did not purchase enough coverage to fully compensate you for all of your damages.

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