Getting a Motorcycle License in PA

I am always on the lookout for articles that deal with motorcycling safety and recently found an article in the local paper dealing primarily with how to get your motorcycle license in PA and/or NJ.titled ” Venturing on 2 Wheels, Safely”, written by Scott Sturgis.

(update: costs have been deleted from the original article)

Age Requirements for a Motorcycle License

In both states if you are under 18 and want to apply for a permit you must take a basic rider safety course. If older than 18 you can simply apply for a permit. Once you feel you are ready for a license in NJ, you must take a road test to prove your competence and then you will receive your license.

How to Get a Motorcycle License in PA

motorcycle license paIn PA, if you take the basic motorcycle course, the actual test is given at the same facility as the course.

That is how I received my motorcycle license many years ago. I took the PA course; all you have to do is sign up for the course on line. Then on the date your course begins, show up with boots, gloves, a full face helmet, long pants and either a long sleeve shirt or jacket. At least, those where the rules when I took the course.

Pennsylvania is very lucky to have the free motorcycle instruction written into the law and, along with the instruction, the DMV also provides the bikes. I actually enjoyed the two-part course – you got to ride for 2 Saturday’s and took the test for your license at the end of the second day. Also, in PA if you complete the course, you also get a small break on your motorcycle insurance premiums!

How to Get a Motorcycle License in NJ

Only about 20-25% of NJ riders take the basic safety course, most likely due to the cost. The basic course is given at 2 locations – Mercer County Community College and Atlantic Cape Community College.

So there you have it, all you wanted to know on how to get your PA and NJ motorcycle license.

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I hope this answers this commonly asked question about how to get your motorcycle license in PA or NJ.

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