Motorcycle Safety Tips

Before finding ourselves in a position of looking for a motorcycle accident attorney on the internet, perhaps it would help all of us if we spent five to ten minutes checking out our motorcycles for safety concerns, especially with spring just around the corner, before we hop on for the initial “spring ride”.

motorcycle safety tipsAs a seasoned Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, I always question my clients about their particular motorcycle when they call in after being involved in a motorcycle collision. Depending on how the collision occurred, I ask them to send me photographs of their motorcycle, including photographs which depict the front of their motorcycle. Not only do these photographs help me assess liability for the accident, but they are often helpful when trying to settle the case depending on the amount of damage to the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Safety Tips on Cycle Configuration

I ask for these photos so I can see how many lights are on the front of the motorcycle that would help them be seen by another vehicle. I request this regardless of whether the accident happened during the day or night. I also ask them to do the same thing with the back of the motorcycle for the same reason.

Recently I had a potential client describe his motorcycle for me, he advised that he had done virtually everything he could to the front and the back of the motorcycle to help him be seen, including adding an oscillating head light and additional safety lights to the back. He advised that whether it was day or night, he lit up his motorcycle so that it looked like the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus. A bit of an exaggeration I presume, but either way he wanted to make sure that other drivers saw him.

Motorcycle Safety Tips Regarding Maintenance

I would also suggest that after checking all of your lights that you check the tire pressure, the clutch, the throttle and the triple tree along with all of the switches, gauges, wires, belt or chain and virtually anything else that might affect the safety of the motorcycle. The pressure of both the rear and front tires is extremely important to check because if the pressure is not correct, it can make a huge difference when trying to move around an object or when bringing your bike to a stop.

As I always say, five minutes of prevention is worth a lot more than five days in the hospital. And that, is the best motorcycle safety tip of all!

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