Advantages of Hiring a Specialized Biker Attorney

The first benefit of a dedicated biker attorney law firm is individual personalized attention. While large firms can offer the services of many different lawyers, they simply don’t place as much emphasis on any individual case unless it is “high profile”.

Pennsylvania biker attorneyA high profile case involving a celebrity, for example, and a “name” attorney as defense counsel, may cause a situation in which a large firm will devote extra attention and care for the media exposure. These types of high profile cases are, of course, a far cry from an injury case where someone wants to recover just compensation for their injuries.

The concerns of a large firm grow beyond individual cases, and they will often reject cases that a biker attorney like me, who became a motorcycle accident attorney to help individuals in need, will happily represent.

Personal Injury Specialization as a Biker Attorney

The number of areas of personal injury law are almost unlimited, and include medical malpractice, auto accident, slip and fall, product liability, and construction accidents. Each area requires its own depth and breadth of knowledge acquired through years of experience in the field.

Because my practice as a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer is devoted solely to motorcycle riders and their injury accidents, I can provide the type of personal, individual, and specialized attention you deserve for your motorcycle injury case. I have the experience with all types of cases that years of specialization in the field brings.

The Unique Properties of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are events with elements that are different from other accidents not involving motorcycles. The way we ride, and the forces of physics acting upon us, and the situations involved in an accident require knowledge that is only gained through years of experience with motorcycle accident cases.

Whether your case involves technical know-how about the physics of motorcycle riding, or a professional motorcycle accident reconstructionist is needed to analyze the accident events, my office is here to provide that help.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Medical Treatment

We are familiar, through handling hundreds of cases, with the types of injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents and the expenses resulting from medical treatments that are needed. We make sure that the settlement you receive covers your treatment now and into the future.

Other Financial Losses From Your Accident

In addition, we won’t forget about any other expenses you may incur as a result of your motorcycle accident, such as loss of income from missing work, fixing your bike, replacing your gear, or emotional distress. You need to focus on recovery, and not have to worry about your next rent or mortgage payment.

Call specialized Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney Lee D. Gaber, Esquire today at 1-888-292-5352 (1-888-CYCLE-LAW) and receive a free consultation along with individual, personalized attention from a dedicated biker attorney law firm.

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