Delaware County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Testimonials

“Dear Motorcycle Monthly,

This letter is with sincere and honest intent to recognize and commend one of the attorneys featured in your magazine each month. I feel very strongly about my story that I want the world to know about the one and only Cycle Attorney, Mr. Lee D. Gaber, Esquire.

delaware county motorcycle lawyersOn November 5, 2005, I was on an Abate Toys-4-Tots run to Children’s Hospital in the city of Philadelphia. I accompanied my husband Joseph and several of our friends to this event. Upon departure from the city, I was severely injured when my motorcycle hit a depressed manhole cover and threw me off by 2004 Dyna Super Glide Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I sustained broken ribs, road brush and orthopedic injuries to my right dominant hand. I spent 4 days at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and have been continually undergoing surgery to repair the damages. Along with the injuries, I had to deal with the loss of my job, loss of income, benefits and a bunch of other difficulties that you can only imagine.

As with life, most of us live above our means and never recognize this until life flips you upside down like a pancake. You’re left with many questions and the ultimate questions is, “how in the world am I going to survive this without losing everything I have said desperately worked hard for?” This is where Mr. Lee D. Gaber comes into the picture… Most of us look in the phone book for a lawyer. Most of us cannot look into any credentials as we are focused on our injuries and need speedy help. May I say, “LOOK NO FURTHER”. This is a true testimonial of a motorcycle attorney who surely exceeds in every way, shape & form, the meaning of caring and giving his all.

Mr. Gaber’s associates visited me during my stay at the hospital and went over some of the important facts with me. From that very moment, I knew I was in the best care I could ever be in.

Throughout the last 2 years, Mr. Gaber and his professional staff, have never left one single rock unturned. He informed me of all that was going on even if the answers weren’t what I wanted to hear. Is a very honest and trustworthy individual. When times were financially unbearable, Mr. Gaber saw to it that I had an resource to borrow money against my claim. Although we were unsure of who exactly owned and maintained the manhole cover, he took a chance on me, and put me in touch with organizations that could possibly help me to overcome some of my burdens. I am positive that if Mr. Gaber’s own conflict of interest was not involved, he would have dug into his own pocket to see that my family and I did not do without. Two years and 5 companies later, Mr. Gaber was able to find out who was ultimately responsible for maintaining the manhole cover. Unfortunately, I hit the only metal cover in Philadelphia that was not stamped with the name of its rightful owner.

Was this case an easy one? Well, since this accident was not your typical ‘he or she pulled out in front of me’, there was more work to be put into this case. Mr. Gaber spent countless hours on my case and assured me that he would do everything possible to help me move forward in my life. Just yesterday, November 27, 2007, after 2 long years of litigation, my case rested. Although I do not know what, if any, award will be issued, I know in my heart I came out a winner. You had to be there. To watch this gentleman in action was an unbelievable sight. He is the greatest man to know and have working for you and your interests. There are no words that can ever thank him and his staff enough for allowing me to be hopeful and make my recovery process so much easier.

I’m wanting to tell the world about Mr. Gaber and hope that my story is enough for you to pick up the phone if you or someone you know is injured, and call the only cycle attorney I believe there is: Lee D. Gaber, Esquire, attorney at law. In conclusion, as 2 years of my life has quickly passed before my eyes, they were spent with an attorney who had compassion, listened to my every moan and groan and felt my depression every time I spoke to him. For all the tears I shed, I today, have gotten up with a smile and can only say, “Thanks Again” to Mr. Gaber, a professional at best and a friend forever.

Sincerely, Kimberly C., Trainor, PA, Delaware County, Pennsylvania”

“I am writing this on behalf of my two elderly aunts who were in a car accident in April 2012. At that time, they were 85 and 89 years old, and were both seriously injured. In addition to running daily to hospitals and rehab, I began to undertake the handling of insurance claims, paperwork, etc. involved in their accident.

I soon realized that I would need help, not only with the voluminous amount of phone calls and paperwork involved, but knowing that they would be fairly represented and taken care of. Even though their own insurance company was saying nice things, no one was really guiding me with the insurance company of the responsible party, or helping me to be sure that my aunts were getting all that they needed.

A family friend recommended Delaware County injury attorney Lee Gaber to me. After speaking with him and telling him my concerns, I felt confident that he would not only be the help I needed but would make sure my aunts would be adequately represented with the insurance companies involved.

My initial feeling was confirmed over the many months ahead. I was introduced to Tammy Morrone, Lee’s legal assistant. I cannot adequately express how wonderful she was.

She not only handled all of the paperwork and questions I had, she was so nice and genuinely interested in my aunts’ recoveries. She was always available by phone or email. If I emailed a question or some paperwork, she would reply immediately. I felt that their office was my advocate and always available to me.

Mr. Gaber kept me apprised of what was happening, and was successful negotiating a very fair settlement for these two women whose lives were changed forever.

I would highly recommend Delaware county motorcycle accident attorney Lee Gaber and his office to anyone who finds himself needing representation in an accident situation.”

~ Janyse P., for G. Elaine P. and Helen T., Delaware County accident victims

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