Distracted Driving Accident Facts

PA Motorcycle Lawyer Addresses Some Common Concerns

Back in my early days, the worst type of distracted drivers a Pennsylvania motorcyclist usually had to be on the lookout for was some clueless schmo eating a cheese steak behind the wheel.

Nowadays, drivers have so many options for ignoring the road, it’s no wonder that distracted driving accident statistics show a sharp spike in crashes involving a driver who isn’t keeping their eyes on the road.

distracted-driving-accident-factsBesides the old standbys of eating, putting on makeup, and futzing around with the radio, today’s drivers have access to all types of technology – from GPS units, to MP3 players, and even TVs.

Now with essentially full time internet access, you even have the ability to surf the net, or watch movies on your tablet or laptop while you’re in the car.

It’s enough to make a long-time Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer a little angry, thinking about all the opportunities people have to be inattentive to their driving. That’s because operators of cars and trucks already tend to have a hard time seeing motorcycle riders, even without these new distractions.

Since motorcyclists are so much less protected than drivers of other vehicles, when they are involved in a distracted driving accident, the outcome is much more likely to be devastating, with the potential for catastrophic injuries, serious property damage, and long term effects like lost wages and a decreased ability to work.

Also, the chance for fatalities is higher in these types of distracted driving accidents.

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Texting While Driving is a Leading Cause of Distracted Driving Accidents

Over the last few years, as cell phones have become more common, texting while driving has also become more common, with the CDC reporting that a third of drivers between 18 and 64 had admitted to texting while driving.

Texting behind the wheel is especially dangerous because it triggers all three of the types of distractions identified by traffic safety experts:

Manual – Using your hands for anything other than controlling the vehicle when you’re behind the wheel (including reaching for a drink, or changing the radio station).
Visual – Taking your eyes off the road. According to the NHTSA, it takes 5 seconds to read a text message, during which time a car will have travelled the length of a football field at highway speeds.
Cognitive – Anything that takes your mind off your driving.

Obviously reading, writing, texting, watching movies, eating and so forth are all easier to do while driving a car or truck than while operating a motorcycle. However they still present clear and present dangers to motorcyclists who are forced to be more vigilant than ever.

Knowing that at least one out of every three vehicles they see is being operated by someone who isn’t paying attention to their driving takes a lot of the joy out of riding.

Pennsylvania Distracted Driving Laws

Pennsylvania has been proactive in combating distracted driving, enacting a number of laws designed to make the roads safer for everyone, including responsible motorcycle riders like my readers.

There is a texting while driving ban that includes a $50 fine for anyone ticketed for the offense. More than 1400 drivers were cited for violating the ban in 2014. Headphone usage while driving is also banned.

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