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It’s amazing how many of my telephone calls start the same way… The motorcycle accident victim calling for legal help and more importantly, advice on what to do, is actually apologizing for needing a motorcycle accident attorney!

motorcycle accident attorney Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claimMost of my clients have never “sued” anyone before, nor hired an accident attorney.

In most cases, given the severity of their injuries and the losses they have suffered, they want to make sure they are adequately protected and don’t get screwed by the insurance company in their Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claim.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Basic Advice

After I have collected all of the details regarding their Pennsylvania motorcycle accident, I usually give a set of very basic ground rules to clients:

  1. Is the motorcycle somewhere secure?
  2. Do the involved insurance companies know where the bike is?
  3. Other than informing the insurance company where the motorcycle is, there should be no further communication between you and either insurance company – yours or theirs. The reason you hire a motorcycle accident attorney to handle your motorcycle accident claim in Pennsylvania is to make sure you are properly represented, and the only way I can ensure that, is to become your “mouthpiece”. Most clients are happy to comply with that request, as most do not want to even talk to the insurance adjusters.
  4. Never give a recorded statement about anything to any insurance company. I can emphatically state that nothing good has ever come out of giving an insurance company a recorded statement. The purpose of these recorded statements is simply to help the insurance companies defend themselves against any changes in your version of events, even though many of these statements are given while clients are under the influence of pain medication.
  5. If you have any visible injuries from the motorcycle accident, please have someone take clear pictures of your wounds. Many of these injuries involve “Road Rash” and once they heal it’s impossible to re-create the visible impact of the original pictures.

After these preliminary instructions are given and I ask some questions to get a thorough understanding of the facts involved in your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident.

I explain that we are not “Suing” anyone.

What we are doing is simply making sure the insurance companies are aware that a motorcycle accident claim is being made and making sure the claim is properly set-up.

This helps the insurance company understand the type of exhibits the motorcycle accident attorney will be showing the jury, if an attempt at an amicable motorcycle accident settlement fails Motorcycle accident lawyers gather all damage information for the claim.

Your motorcycle attorney will also gather all wage loss documentation, and will do an investigation to find out if there are any motorcycle accident medical bills which have gone unpaid.

Finally, many health insurance companies now contain a “subrogation” clause which means that they are entitled to get the money they paid for your medical care back. As such, a motorcycle injury lawyer has to obtain the necessary documentation which proves they have an enforceable right of subrogation.

Free motorcycle accident consultation

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys’ Methods

When all of this proof seeking is accomplished, I set up a conference call with you to go over the entire case and discuss my views on the value of your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claim.

We usually begin with a series of questions designed to help us understand how the motorcycle accident happened, were the police or EMTs called, did you sustain personal injury and if so to what parts of your body?

From this point forward, and after the motorcycle damage is taken care of, we begin to put together our clients’ motorcycle accident claim to the insurance company.

What if you don’t have any health insurance or don’t have a family doctor?

This is where motorcycle accident attorneys protect your rights. In many cases we represent clients who do no have any medical insurance. Our goal is to get all injuries taken care of and reimbursed.

Once we are satisfied that your medical treatment is under control we move forward and make sure that your bike is in a safe place and not racking up unnecessary storage fees.

My next step as your motorcycle accident lawyer is to obtain the name and insurance information on the other party. This can be as simple as calling the police, or perhaps you already have a police report.

In the worst case scenario, depending on the police department, we may have to obtain the police report, which can take from three days to three weeks.

At the same time this is all going on, we are gathering your motorcycle insurance information, and in some cases your automobile insurance information.

Depending on how the accident happened, we are also getting our investigators out to the scene of the motorcycle accident, to document road conditions and make sure the police report is accurate.

From there, the claim is filed and negotiations begin in earnest to get the insurance company to settle the motorcycle accident claim in a high enough amount to take care of your bike, injuries, bills and to compensate you for everything that occurred as a result of the accident.

No Win, No Fee Representation

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