Motorcycle Accident Claims Handling

As the winter months arrive, and for many riders the season comes to an end, generally the quantity of new calls we get from those who’ve been involved in NJ or PA motorcycle accidents, also slows down.

motorcycle accident claims in PennsylvaniaHowever, inasmuch as our office has been representing motorcycle riders for well over twenty years, we still get calls from new clients who ride on the warmer days. Unfortunately for any number of reasons, they have been involved in a motorcycle accident and are searching for a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent them.

We also get calls from those who have been in a motorcycle accident in the last three to eighteen months and, regardless of the severity of their injuries, they have decided to “handle their motorcycle claim on their own”.

What most of these clients inevitably learn, is what they thought was going to be a relatively simple task often turns into a nightmare as the insurance adjuster stops returning their phone calls or continues to ask for more and more materials in an attempt to run out the applicable statue of limitations which for PA, NJ and DE is two years.

As a result we get panicked calls from potential clients who are a few months away from the Statute of Limitations and are now in desperate need to find a New Jersey or Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer to quickly take over their claim. Most of these clients, although originally having a “do it on my own” mentality, are relieved once we agree to take on their case, assuming we have enough time prior to the statute of limitations to either resolve, or to at least get suit filed.

Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Like to Pay Motorcycle Accident Claims

Recently while attending the Lansdale Bike Night, I was approached by a client who had been in a serious motorcycle accident and whose own insurance company told him he did not have a claim and therefore he did not seek out a motorcycle accident attorney. As many people do, he believed his insurance company was acting in his best interest and therefore there was no reason to hire a motorcycle attorney.

However, after a short discussion and some phone calls to his insurance company, we quickly advised him that he had a claim worth up to $100,000, as that was the amount of uninsured motorist coverage he had purchased through his motorcycle insurance carrier. We are currently handling this claim and expect to resolve it in the six figure range in the near future.

Not All Motorcycle Attorneys are Created Equal

The other reason we seem to get calls through the winter months is that many clients after a motorcycle accident have found their motorcycle lawyer through a friend or neighbor and hire that law firm. However, they quickly realize that they are just one of many accident cases that the firm is handling and therefore, no matter how many times they call their lawyer, they have a very difficult time getting a return phone call. We always return our clients calls!

The bottom line is, as I have said it before, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident in PA or NJ, you should have a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Truthfully, I have a difficult time understanding why someone would go to a lawyer who doesn’t own, ride or even hang out with other bikers. In many situations my new client hasn’t even met the lawyer who is handling their motorcycle accident claim. My assistant, Tammy, who has been with me going on 14 years now and who, along with her fiancé, also ride, always ends every letter she writes with… “Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul”. In my humble opinion, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident you want an attorney who is also going to move your soul!

If you have a question about how motorcycle lawyers handle claims please feel free to contact me at 1-888-CYCLE-LAW (1-888-292-5352). You may also use my online contact form

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