Motorcycle Accident Death Lawsuits

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer Lee D. Gaber, Esq., is occasionally requested as legal counsel for a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of a motorcycle accident death in PA or NJ.

Motorcycle accident death lawsuitIf someone close to you has died due to negligent, reckless, or intentional behavior of another party, it is essential that you contact a well-established Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney to determine whether you have an actionable wrongful death case. A wrongful death action is intended to obtain compensation for the victims for their own losses, financial and emotional, rather than losses by the deceased.

An Experienced Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is Required

Experienced preparation of a wrongful death lawsuit in a motorcycle accident death is required to maximize your chances of success. For motorcycle accident wrongful deaths, you should ensure that you hire an attorney who is dedicated solely to these types of accidents, and who has extensive experience and expertise in prosecuting wrongful death lawsuits, and in particular, prosecutes the type of negligence accident that caused the fatality.

Among the responsibilities and tasks required of motorcycle accident lawyers prosecuting a wrongful death lawsuit are:

Determining Whether an Estate Should be Created

A thorough analysis may be required to determine whether a probate estate should be created and the claim brought in the name of the estate instead of the individual heirs. This is the case if numerous claimants are entitled to recovery under the wrongful death statute.

Establishing Life Expectancy

This requires a sophisticated analysis of the victim’s age, health, activities, lifestyle and occupation.

Determining the Amount of Lost Financial Support

If the decedent was supporting the heirs financially at the time of death, an economic analysis of the motorcycle accident death victim’s employment history, wage history, and expected future wages by the motorcycle attorney is required to ascertain the amount of damages to which the heirs are entitled. This award is often critical to the financial well-being of the survivors moving forward.

Establishing a Value for Loss of Companionship, Society and Comfort

The extent of monetary compensation heirs can recover in these types of motorcycle accident death claims relies in large part on the preparation and skill of the motorcycle accident lawyer they hire. Through the lawyer’s capacity for persuasion and advocacy, a jury must be convinced of the amount to which the heirs are entitled for these damages.

Proving Liability and Damages in a Wrongful Death

Proving and explaining liability and damages in a wrongful death suit, as a result of a motorcycle accident, to a jury requires not only talent and skill but, often times the employment of numerous experts. This means motorcycle death cases are often expensive to prosecute properly. Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer Lee D. Gaber, Esquire has a “no recovery, no fee” guarantee so the family does not have to worry about the cost of the wrongful death case.

Motorcycle accident attorneys protect your rights — hiring an experienced Pennsylvania motorcycle personal injury lawyer should not be delayed. A highly skilled lawyer understands the complex nature of Pennsylvania wrongful death settlements. Call Lee at 1-888-292-5352 for a no-obligation consultation if your loved one was a victim of a fatal motorcycle accident in PA or NJ.

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